The Brass Bed

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The Brass Bed

Jewel Heiss is an investigator of Chicago's Department of Consumer Services. She's a big farm girl from Wisconsin but moved to the city years ago. Orphaned at 7 and raised by her grandparents until they died around her 18th birthday causes Jewel attachment issues. Whenever someone tries to get too close to her, she pushes back and drops them like a rock. She also seems to have some sexual quirks and has made out with just about everyone in her department at work. She does have one close friend, Nina.

Nina is Jewel's boss's wife. She treats Jewel as one of her family and has her over often for meals. Nina is spending a lot more money than usual and her husband is sure she is having an affair. Knowing how close Nina and Jewel are, he assigns Jewel to find out what is going on with his wife. Nina confides that she is seeing a sex therapist, Clay, and tells Jewel all about it. The story sounds fishy so Jewel heads over to official check it out. She is positive that this is a con and she will get an arrest out of it.

Clay is a con man and was raised by a con man. He thinks he has the best con going. He's rented a 200-year-old bed from his father and charges $350 for women to take a 3-hour nap on it. Oh, he may talk to them and offer them a glass of wine before their nap but that's all he offers. Still for some reason the women keep coming back but Clay isn't looking too closely at that.

Lord Randolph Llew Carstairs Athelbury Darner, the Third Earl Pontarsais, Randy, is a sex demon living in the bed Clay is using for his con. Clay doesn't know that Randy is in the bed. Randy was cursed by his magician mistress in 1811. Apparently Randy was a bad lover and this was to teach him a lesson. Randy could not leave the bed until he has given 100 women an orgasm

On Jewel's second visit, she becomes number 100 and Randy becomes a flesh and blood person who can disappear. Jewel thinking she has Clay's con tries to arrest them but ends up taking Randy home with her and some how has Clay helping her out.

Overall this was a pretty good book. I had a few issues with it but the story line was good.

For some reason, magic is not permitted in Chicago. Apparently there were problems with magic in Pittsburgh and the mayor of Chicago doesn't want the same thing to happen in his town. Therefore, all magic was to be quickly contained and made to disappear. The only magic that doesn't disappear is something called the pink. The pink shows up on the roadways when there is rage. People and cars can disappear in the pink. I found the pink annoying and not needed.

Another bit of magic was a genie that would grant you wishes but not always how you wanted them. When Clay asks for money, the genie begins to remove bags of money from the vault and put in on the sidewalk around Clay. Clay has an interesting time explaining that to the security guards that come rushing out. This same genie can be easily caught by opening a bottle of alcohol. It seems that the genie has a drinking problem. One of Jewel's cases is to catch this genie, if she can!

Jewel enjoys sex and has a lot of it with a lot of people. While this is supposed to be part of her character, I found the constant references to this vulgar and repetitive. It seemed everything in Jewel's life revolved around sex. She had work clothes and she had slutty clothes. Many people she sees during the day she has had sex with, including co-workers and people she deals with on the street. Everyone at work assumes that she has even had sex with the boss in order to get her job!

Jewel does have a well-developed character. Besides the over fascination with sex, she seems to have soft spots for people. She gives money to pan handlers and has a young teen that she worries about, almost like a mother. She's a loyal friend and firmly believes that she doesn't have enough of them. You also know that she feels alone even when surrounded by peo

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 3.00