The Best Laid Plans

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The Best Laid Plans

A Novel

Tru Newman has been a stay at home mom for years, taking care of her 14 year old twins and doing charity work in New York City. Her husband has a well paying job that allows her this luxury, or does he?

After years of working for the same company, Tru’s husband, Peter, has been laid off. For three months he has hidden this fact from Tru, knowing that he will get a position soon. Now, not only has Tru found out but if something doesn’t change quickly, the family will loose their home!

The advise Tru has been given from friends is to find a job. The problem is, she hasn’t worked in years and with a degree in fine arts and the horrible economy, she doesn’t expect to find one that will pay enough to make a difference.

Tru’s best friend, Sienna Post has been the local nightly news anchor for years and that’s the problem. Her producer wants her gone for someone younger. It doesn’t take much before Sienna finds herself unemployed and not very employable.

After Sienna spends the night with a young lawyer, she finds a check for $5000. Not sure if she should be insulted or complimented, she has a frank discussion with him. Bill, the lawyer, explains why he left the check but this check gives Tru an idea.

Why not start an escort service for young geeky guys but higher only women over 40? With Bill’s help, the women start a business that has it’s roots and inspiration from hundreds of years ago.

Peter, on the other hand, has no knowledge of his wife’s new business interest. He’s landed a job of his own with their sexy new neighbor. Peter, happily married, doesn’t notice that his new boss is making major plays for him but Tru does! Can she live with this situation until Peter can find another position or his boss gives up?

Set in modern NYC, this book has you thinking outside the box for today’s issues. There are two main issues that are really pivotal parts of this book, the lack of good paying jobs and age discrimination. Though all of the characters are well educated, the opportunities that were available when they graduated from college are no longer there. Companies are trimming off employees trying to cut the bottom line. They are not looking to hire people with experience who can command higher salaries. Sienna has the added issue of being a woman over 40. Her carrier is one where her physical appearance is what gives her a position and keeps her in it. Sienna may look great for a woman her age but women much younger than her look better and are cheaper to hire.

For all the social issues that are brought up, this book is heavy in humor. From starting an escort service that hires older women to dealing with an overbearing mother to just every day interactions, Ms Schnurnberger brings a unique twist. This gives a different perspective to sometimes serious problems and allows you to laugh about them. Even Tru’s daughters get in the act when the boy they both like learns a lesson he won’t forget any time soon.

The characters are very real to life. None are over the top or so bizarre that they are unbelievable. Instead, they seem like people that it would be possible to bump into or you might already know. Tru’s teenage daughters are caught up in teenage crushes and school. The adults are worried about things like jobs, dating or their marriage, and even reunions. They take this story and make it theirs bringing their every day lives out into the public for our enjoyment.

Filled with humor and real life, The Best Laid Plans lets you kick back and enjoy a different view of things. If you’re needing a pick me up or just a light hearted story, give this well written book a try.

Book Blurb for The Best Laid Plans

From Lynn Schnurnberger, bestselling co-author of Mine Are Spectacular! and The Botox Diaries, comes a novel of big secrets, family ties, and a reminder that sometimes The Best Laid Plans can lead to delightful surprises.

Tru Newman is one of the Upper East Side “M&Ms”—the wealthy stay-at-home moms who are into personal Maintenance and Mothering. Having been raised by a beauty queen mother who constantly picked on her, Tru loves looking after her investment banker husband, Peter, and their twin teen daughters. But her perfect world spins off its axis the night Tru throws a charity benefit and discovers that Peter’s been out of work for three months. Even worse, the family’s been living on a house of cards—specifically, Visa and Amex—that’s about to collapse.

Suze Orman tells Tru to “Get a job!” But doing what? When Tru’s best friend, Sienna Post, loses her position as an anchor on the local nightly news, the two hatch a profitable if illegal plan: They’ll open an escort service with “working girls” all over the age of forty. Modeling themselves on Carla Bruni (“after she married the president of France, not before, when she was dating Mick Jagger”), their smart, sexy, seasoned escorts become a big hit with a roster of thirty-year-old clients.

If only Tru’s legit life could fall so easily into place: Her husband’s new job has him working side by side with a flirtatious neighbor, her fourteen-year-old twins are competing over a two-timing, Clearasil-using Casanova, and after suffering a heart attack in her bodybuilding class, Tru’s hypercritical mother moves in with her. Not to mention that the gossip columns get wind that Tru and Sienna’s “temp agency” isn’t on the up-and-up—and the DA is on their case. 

But for the savvy and spirited Tru, these new obstacles bring unexpected benefits—from Geisha facials, to massage toys that are “better than chocolate,” to the realization that at midlife, she’s more comfortable than ever before in her own skin and more grateful for all that she has. By turns touching and laugh-out-loud funny, this is a must-read for every woman who knows it’s never too late to make a fresh start.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.50