The Best Gift

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The Best Gift

Sometimes the best present is the future...

Clara and Drew are married and have just moved from New York to California. Drew’s from the Bay area where they are currently living and his family is fairly close. Clara is from NY and this is the first time she’s lived on the west coast. It’s Christmas morning and both are in for some big surprises.

Clara is about 7 weeks pregnant with their first child. She’s thrilled after having breast cancer three years ago. She wrapped her pregnancy test in a box as a present to Drew.

Drew has bought Clara a Lab puppy. This puppy eats everything and is into everything.

Both gifts are eclipsed by a good size earthquake. Nothing major was damaged. Clara is shock up though and decides to take a nap. That’s fine until she wakes up in 2012, three years into the future! Clara hadn’t planned on doing any more time traveling.

Things aren’t the same in the future….where’s Drew, their baby and she’s pregnant again? The news she sees talks about a massive earthquake; one much stronger than the one on Christmas Day. Is there some way she can warn people of what is coming as she pops back and forth between the present and the future?

This book is a sequel to If Only in My Dreams. You do not have to read it to enjoy this current book though this book is a continuation of the first.

Drew and Clara are wonderful characters. They are warm, fun and loving. They seem like they are your favorite neighbors. As their story unfolds, it’s like getting news from home and you can’t help but to be interested. It Christmas time and that holiday warmth extends itself through these characters to you.

Though the story bounces back and forth between the present and the future, there is no awkwardness. The story flows between the time seamlessly. Clara keeps things in balance as she takes what she learns in the future and uses it to make plans in the past.

And this is a love story about the love between Clara and Drew. Yes, they are married but married folks can love too. Can Clara actually tell Drew about her visits to the future without him thinking she’s nuts? Maybe she can start by telling him about knowing him in the past. Can their love hold firm or is it going to shatter? Maybe this is why Clara can’t find Drew in the future?

So often sequels are not as good as the previous book but I don’t think Ms Markham has anything to worry about. The Best Gift was entertaining as well as unique. Clara and Drew’s relationship is warm and comforting. Their puppy is hilarious. This is definitely a great story for the holiday season to remind us what is really

Book Blurb for The Best Gift

 Sometimes the best present is the future…

USA Today bestselling author Wendy Markham’s heartwarming time-travel romance If Only in My Dreams was hailed as “a delight” (Booklist). Now the heroine of that unforgettable book returns in a brand-new holiday story of a love that once again transcends time…

When Clara wakes up on Christmas morning next to her husband Drew, she’s filled with joy because she has the perfect present: she’s seven weeks pregnant with their first child. It’s the fairy-tale beginning that the couple has been wishing for.

But no sooner does Clara tell Drew the wonderful news than an earthquake strikes in nearby San Francisco. The next thing Clara knows she’s waking up in bed—alone—and discovers she’s three years in the future. Where is her husband and what has happened to the child she was expecting? Clara is no stranger to unusual occurrences, but the last thing on her Christmas list was to time travel…again.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 5.00