The Bargain Bride

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The Bargain Bride

Penny Goldwaite has been waiting 13 YEARS for her fiancé, Kendall Westmoreland to come make a wedding date. It’s not like she was old enough to marry when their fathers arranged the engagement. Then, her mother died and Penny was in mourning. Still, in all those years she hadn’t received a birthday gift, a Christmas gift or even a note! Then being the second son, he joined the Army and just had to go off to war leaving Penny worrying about him BUT he’d resigned his commission 4 years ago and still hadn’t come to see her.
 To say Penny was furious was an understatement. It’s not like she hadn’t stayed busy. After her father remarried and sent her to live with her grandfather in the middle of nowhere, she involved herself in running his house, local charities and the local orphanage. She kept busy but now, that he had the title and after years of mistresses and gambling, he’s decided to come for Penny, as it was time to start a family. Well, not if she had anything to say about it!
Kendall Westmoreland, West, really didn’t want to marry Penny. Oh, it was all right when he wasn’t the Viscount but what would he do with some untitled country girl who wouldn’t fit into London society. His honor made it so he couldn’t break the engagement. He had the money plus interest that his father had gotten from Penny’s father, Gasper, a well-known banker. Maybe that would take care of the issue. 
Though Penny and West were positive that they didn’t want to marry each other, Gasper had other ideas. His second wife has two daughters needing to be presented to society and Gasper wanted them to make good matches. Who better to present them than their stepsister, a Viscountess? He had even gone so far as to obtain a special license and talked to the vicar about marrying Penny and West after services the next day. 
They were stuck getting married but could they make it work? Could they figure out how to live with each other?
This book was a thoroughly enjoyable historical romance. The characters came alive with humor and wonderful misunderstandings as well as love. The situations were realistic and vivid as this story came to life. And the little quote before each chapter was perfect.
Penny and West are strong willed people who don’t mind sharing their opinions with each other. They also are extremely loyal to their families, which lends itself to introducing some eccentric characters. Penny’s grandfather was once a famous artist. He still paints but he’s blind so the paintings are more a dash of color than anything recognizable. Helping her grandfather is an interesting Frenchman, Marcel who may be a bit more than just a valet! Both come with her to London where she meets West’s younger brother, Nicky. Nicky has a lot of growing up to do and seems to get him into more trouble than he sets out to do. Don’t forget Penny’s stepsisters who are anything except ready to go out into society and they have a brother who is going to cause trouble just because he can. How in the world are Penny and West ever going to get to know each other with all these people “helping”?
Of course, with that many interesting characters, they are sure to get into interesting situations and they do. Penny, for the most part, keeps things under control but when West has to leave without notice to his country estate, things unravel faster than she can hold them together. Will he show up in time to put things back together or can that even happen?
Bottom line, I didn’t want to put this book down. I loved the story, the characters and everything between the covers. My interest was held and I couldn’t wait to see how this all ended. Okay, I was pretty sure I knew how Penny and West’s story would end but what about Nicky, Penny’s stepsisters and that horrible stepbrother! Would they all get what they deserved by the end of the story?
Oh and those quotes are by G.E. Felber and go like this “Lord and Lady P. made the best of their arranged match, until Lady P. fell down the stairs, aided by his right knee to her arse.” With these types of words of wisdom, how help but see what other charms start each chapter?

Book Blurb for The Bargain Bride

It was a match not made in heaven, but in pound notes-an arranged engagement between a girl of thirteen and a lord's younger son. Since then, thirteen years have passed, and as her betrothed has been sowing his wild oats, Penny has grown up, grown impatient, and grown resentful. In fact, she's vowed never to marry the man who blighted her life and destroyed her dreams.

Viscount Westfield is happy enough to return the bridal dowry. But one look at Penny and Westfield knows he can never, ever let her go...

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 5.00