The Accidental Genie

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The Accidental Genie

An Accidental Series, #7

Expect light-hearted laughter as the women, who started OOPS, Out in the Open Paranormal Support, offer their help to a newly made genie who is in the Witness Protection Plan. Though plenty of insults fly, the friendship and care for each other shows up in numerous ways making what could be very irritating characters much more loveable. Of course, these women have shown up in the previous books within this series so fans will already know them. However, if you haven’t read the previous books, don’t worry. This book is a stand-alone and fun without having read the previous books.

Humor, mystery, lots of paranormal activity and romance make up this story about a playboy werewolf opening a gin bottle holding a genie in distress. Jeanie the genie didn’t plan on being a genie and her creator didn’t do a really good job at it. So, whoever opens her bottle not only becomes her master but can’t get more than a few feet from her. Sloan has been working on breaking his playboy image, not that most people have noticed. But, getting attached to a short, brunette genie was not what he planned. He is usually attracted to tall blondes! Still, Sloan finds that he wants to help this woman but he senses that she’s hiding something and she is. Jeanie isn’t her real name. Jeanie is part of the Witness Protection Program and when the man she’s hiding from finds her, she’s scared this time he will kill her, or her new friends. Can she trust these new paranormal friends? And, can she figure out how to be a genie because her powers are causing some strange wish making, like disappearing delis!

Lots of fun with totally quirky characters. These books build on each other while still being stand alones. They present a different way to look at the paranormal community and are sure to brighten any reader’s day. After all, anyone can accidently become paranormal and the women at OOPS (as well as those they ask to man the phone while they shop) are there to make the transition easier.

Book Blurb for The Accidental Genie

She’s all bottled up.

Jeannie Carlyle is a caterer extraordinaire, more than ready to handle any challenge thrown at her. But when her client asks her to open up a rare bottle of gin for a party, Jeannie is shocked when a guy in poofy pants pops out and she gets sucked inside. Trapped in the bottle, Jeannie does the only thing she can think of and uses her cell phone to search the term “paranormal” and finds the number for OOPS—Out in the Open Paranormal Support.

Until he sets her free.

Werewolf Sloan Flaherty isn’t keen on dealing with distraught women, especially since his sister-in-law Marty basically forced him to man the OOPS phones. But when Jeannie calls in a panic, Sloan is the only one available to find Jeannie’s bottle. After giving it a good rub, Jeannie emerges dressed like a character from Arabian Nights and starts calling Sloan “Master.” Now, they need to figure out how to break their unwanted bond, before the wishes Jeannie can’t stop granting get them into more trouble than even the OOPS girls can handle…

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.00