Texas Pursuit

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Texas Pursuit

Vol. 2

Tanya O’Brien Had always dreamed of marrying a religious man and adopting a child from Korea. She grew up becoming a physician’s assistant but never could find her dream man. Finally, tired of waiting, she flew to Korea and adopted Coty. On the flight back to the USA though this creepy man kept watching her and trying to get her to talk to him.

Maurice Salazar couldn’t believe how much Tanya looked like his lost love Eva. He decided then and there that he would have her and eventually she would love him. He had the resources to accomplish it too, even if some of them weren’t exactly legal.

When Tanya flees Maurice’s stalking of her, she thinks she’s found a place to hide where he won’t find her. She doesn’t expect him to hire private investigators to look for her.

Sonny Mansfield is one of these private investigators. Maurice gives him a story that Sonny wants to believe but Sonny later starts thinking about Maurice and his story and begins to worry if he’s done the right thing giving Maurice Tanya’s address. Concerned, Sonny makes arrangements to rent a garage apartment where he can watch out for Tanya. It’s a good thing he does as Maurice strikes and the only reason Tanya is safe is Sonny. Can Sonny keep his secret as to why he’s really there as his feelings towards Tanya change to more than just worry?

This story has a Christian emphasis. Tanya has a deep faith and expects any man she is involved with to have an equally firm commitment to God. Sonny doesn’t seem to have the faith Tanya expects but is that a deal breaker or God leading them along a different path?

Tanya has more to worry about than Sonny’s faith, as Maurice doesn’t seem to disappear. Maurice is after her and he won’t hesitate to kill to get to her. Can Sonny protect her?

The characters in this story are excellent. They aren’t perfect and they are well rounded. Tanya has a support system in her parents who are very involved in her and Coty’s lives. She also has a job, co-worker and neighbors, which gives her a perfectly normal life and gives the impression that this is a real person. Sonny has brothers that he depends on and a past that influences his present. As you watch Sonny stumbling around trying to do the right thing, you can see this really happening.

The situations are relative today’s world. Drug smuggling is big business on the border. There are cops that take pay offs to look the other way. Finding the right guy is hard. These situations allow you to visualize this story happening. While you want a happy ending, you know the world isn’t always sweetness and light.

This is the second book in a series about the Mansfield brothers. It doesn’t need to be read after the first book. It is quite enjoyable on its own. You do get to meet the oldest brother who was obviously the subject of the first book and you can see the set up for the next book. Yet, the only thing this does is make you want to read both!

With car chases, shootouts, crooked cops, this book is more than just an inspirational romance.  It's a thriller with a happy ending.

Book Blurb for Texas Pursuit

In the second installment of the Lone Star Intrigue series, a single mother joins forces with a private eye to keep her safe from the man who’s trying to ruin her life.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.75