Terminal 19

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Terminal 19

This is a very different coming of age story that has everything from a helicopter mother to an independent hot guy. It has Hope exploring life in a way she’s never been able to before yet always knowing that she can’t run away from her history or her real life. Christian is perfect. He’s everything Hope could ever ask for in a boyfriend except she doesn’t want a boyfriend, just a fling. This relationship is fast and heartbreaking. And, while this story could have been very depressing, it wasn’t. It actually had bits of humor and hope throughout. The ending was much different than expected and it was perfect. This story had depth and layers and reality. I really liked it. Though the blurb suggests for readers 18 and up, I would say that this story has less sex and cursing than many other YA books. It will bring up life and death questions and that being young doesn’t mean you can’t have anything bad happen to you. But, it also shows hope and strength and determination. Fantastic story about life, love, family and friendships.

Hope is done. She’s done seeing doctors. She’s done never doing anything. While she can, Hope is going to travel and make a bucket list and do things. She’s scared but she isn’t going to let that stop her. So, she travels to Denmark and learns that you have to pay to use the public toilet. She also learns to share her rented apartment. And, she learns so much more. She also meets a guy, Christian. He wants to show her Denmark. Does Hope dare to explore with a man she doesn’t know? Can she do a fling?

Book Blurb for Terminal 19

My dad always said you can’t run away from your problems, but I’m sure as hell going to try. And where do you go when you’re trying to escape life? You go to Europe. Or Scandinavia to be exact, because Scandinavia does have the hottest guys. Have you seen Thor? I’ve got my bucket list and I’m ready to live life to the fullest. Go abroad where no one knows my past? Check. See the sites? Check. Hook up with a Scandinavian Hottie? Check.

Despite the threat of my past hanging over my head, everything is going great…until Scandinavian Hottie wants to get serious. It was never my intention to take things to the next level. After all, I don’t want to hurt him when he finds out the truth. However, the more time we spend together, the harder I fall, and in the end I'm not sure if it's his heart or mine that's going to end up broken.

**Because of cursing and sexual content, this book is suggested for readers 18 and up.**

Night Owl Reviews May, 2018 5.00