Term Limits

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Term Limits

They could not have been random attacks. Three powerful politicians killed on the same night within hours of each other. Then, came the ultimatum. Fix the budget without partisan politics and cut all the fat out of it. 
And so the stage is set for this wonderful political thriller.
Michael O’Rourke is a freshman congressman and a former Marine. His girlfriend is a reporter which makes for some interesting conversations, many off the record. Michael has his ideas on who is responsible but not proof and he’s not too sure he even wants to find proof. The politicians that were killed were not a real lost. 
The real truth wasn’t what he was expecting but it shouldn’t have been a real surprise.
This book is excellent. 
The characters are well developed and interesting. Michael came into politics as an idealist and quickly felt as if there was no way he could make any significant changes in the system. The president is the ultimate politician looking for another term. He wants to say the correct thing at the right moment keeping his polling numbers high. He surrounds himself with people that advise him regardless of who they have to step on or over. The killers aren’t cold blooded or terrorists but someone copycatting them is. 
Situations feel real. There are politicians who spend their lives on Capital Hill. Some think nothing of spending money as if it was endless and their special projects are never to be touched. The idea of killing them off and making congress actually sit down with the budget and revise it line by line sounds terrific to many Americans. Because of the scope of the murders, several federal agencies and the military are forced to work together, something that they don’t do well and it shows. Can egos be set aside long enough to solve this case?
Secrets, spies, power struggles and even car chases keep this book interesting and keeps what feels to be a very fast pace. This is good as this is a very long book, over 600 pages. Yet, with so much going on it doesn’t feel as if you’re reading that many. 
I admit that the length of this book had me worried. I shouldn’t have worried. I was hooked within pages and could honestly believe that these events and scenarios could be real. I didn’t want to put this book down and when it was over, it almost seemed too soon. From accurate descriptions of Washington and its surrounding areas to the petty jealousies that abound in Washington, this book took a possibility and made it a reality. I can’t express how much I enjoyed this book.
All that being said, I don’t want someone using this book or storyline to actually force changes in DC. Still, it makes a great book.

Book Blurb for Term Limits

What if America's leaders were held accountable for their broken promises -- and made to pay for their corruption? Vince Flynn brings to life a chilling scenario of Washington under siege -- in the provocative, edge-of-your-seat political thriller that stormed onto national bestseller lists.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 5.00