Tempting Jane

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Tempting Jane

The Rochester Sisterhood Book 1

Interfering family and an unwanted attraction turn this office romance into something interesting and adds a terrific twist. In fact, the opening of "Tempting Jane" starts with a really bad day that continuously spirals downward. Instead of this being depressing, this starts this story off on a humorous note. Throughout the story flashes on humor are seen even as things heat up or fall apart. Lincoln and Jane have been burnt in the romance department so neither wants any type of romantic attachment. Their characters show some depth and history along with family ties. Sexual harassment in the workplace is worked into the story as well……not by either of the main characters. Other current social issues also appear within the storyline making this story relevant to today. While this story isn’t super steamy, it is a good solid romance with likeable characters and hopefully some stories involving some of the interfering relatives will follow.

The Story: Jane doesn’t normally do office staffing…..she’s the boss! But, when a all for an assistant comes in for a valued client, she’s the only one available to fill in. This is fine except her day starts out with a fender bender involving a brand new car followed by an embarrassing conversation with her sister while in the elevator with her new temporary boss! Lincoln is unaware that the attractive woman in the elevator will be his new assistant for the week and is shocked to discover his car has been hit. This gives him the excuse to get to know Jane a little better. He isn’t looking for romance so what is he doing?

Book Blurb for Tempting Jane

When the perfect staffing storm hits Jane Rochester’s temp agency, she winds up being Lincoln Chandler’s assistant for a week. Jane doesn’t do office romance, and her last relationship was one-sided. But one hot kiss from Lincoln changes everything. Now she has to decide if it’s love at first sight or just a fiery physical attraction.

Lincoln Chandler’s been focused on building his real estate development firm into a Fortune 500 company. He wasn’t looking for a relationship—particularly when his last girlfriend married Lincoln’s biggest competitor and took proprietary information with her in the bargain. But Jane Rochester is an undeniable force of nature, and the heat between them might be more than just a few hot nights in the bedroom.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2018 4.00