Tempting a Cowboy

1 Night Stand Series

Though the page length is short (37 pages), the story has a lot more depth than expected. There is plenty of interaction both between the two main characters and between Mia’s friends and even her brother! This story is part of the 1 Night Stand series and Madame Eve’s magic is definitely at work. There are even hints that she’s made more than one match on the night of this story which only intrigued me more.

Mia’s best friends convinced her to join them in making an application to the dating service 1 Night Stand. Mia’s not sure if this was a good idea or not but she’s in Las Vegas and willing to give it a try. Though she loves her job as a small town librarian, she doesn’t date much and would love to date a cowboy. Shane grew up on a ranch but he’s a computer geek, and he’s good at it. His sister talked him into signing up for 1 Night Stand. His plan is to meet the woman he’s suppose to, buy her a drink and then make excuses so he can go back to work on his computer program he is pitching to buyers in the morning. What he doesn’t expect is his date to be his main rival’s sister! But, when sparks fly, each is more than willing to move things to the bedroom. Has Madame Eve done it again?

This story is a quickie in time but it’s also a total story with a background, beginning, middle and end. I absolutely loved it and really need to see if I can find the stories for Mia’s two friends and even her brother. It sounds like the party Madame Eve threw was extremely interesting.

Book Blurb for Tempting a Cowboy

Clueless when it comes to women, Shane McCormick only talks geek. On a business trip to Vegas, he attends a masquerade dressed as a cowboy under the persuasion of his sister, only to find out he’s been set up by Madame Eve.

On a dare with her friends, Mia Hunt asks for the impossible: A 1NightStand with a hot cowboy, except her date is the one person she shouldn’t be seen with.

When their attraction fuels the night, trouble follows as desire collides. Will their time together end in calamity or a promise for more fun?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.50