Tempted by Ecstasy

Calypso's Choice Book 2

I started off slightly confused by this story but soon everything fell into place. The first few pages were about a bet between Calypso and two men. Then, the real story started. You come back to Calypso later which then clarifies what is going on. Regardless, the story is about a wonderful resort and sexual fantasies. The sex is frequent and well done so expect to get hot and bothered. The characters are also well done though a bit more background and history might have been nice; it also isn’t necessary for a good story. This story does try to blend the fantastic fantasy of the resort to the normalcy of everyday life. This is done very well as things aren’t always sunshine and roses. This is a solid story with good characters and plenty of well written sex. It doesn’t cover a long period of time but you do get a happy for now ending.

Shelli has been a widow for a few years. Her marriage was good even if her husband wasn’t as adventurous in bed as Shelli would have liked. Now, she’s ready to start dating, if she can ever find a good date! It doesn’t help that she fantasizes about the lawn guy, Doyle and her husband’s best friend, James. Doyle is way too young and James is probably as stodgy as her husband had been. A suggestion to visit a new resort perks Shelli’s interest. What she doesn’t know is Doyle and James are not only going to be there but have plans for her. Will those plans offer Shelli what she desires or will they be a bust?

Book Blurb for Tempted by Ecstasy

Calypso’s agenda continues when a lovely widow contacts her…

Michelle Cross, or Shelli as her friends call her, is stuck in a rut. With all her kids off at college, this widowed mother splits her time between her charities, and lusting after men – well two men specifically: her late husband’s best friend, James, and her much younger gardener, Doyle. Desperate to resist temptation, she turns to an online dating, but fails horribly. It’s not until James suggests Club Ecstasy, that she decides to try one more time to exorcise the sexy pair from her every fantasy. Besides what could be better than Christmas in West Caicos?

After making his fortune in the dot-com era, reclusive boy-genuis, Doyle Garcia took up gardening and found his new calling. He loves to get his hands dirty, and the icing on his Tia Roselina’s cake? It also allows him to tempt the luscious Widow Cross into his bed. Unfortunately, he’s not the only one with eyes for her. While he’d been known to share fishing holes with James Redding, could he also share the luscious widow with his friend? Only time will tell when James approaches him with a plan to seduce Shelli – all it will take is a couple first class trips to Club Ecstasy, and keeping his hands off James. The first will be easy? But the second, not so much – because if he finds Shelli attractive, James is temptation incarnate. Too bad he doesn’t realize he’s about to get a little help from a goddess who swears that there are no lines when it comes to no holds barred sex and love.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 4.00