Temporary Tricks

A Tempting Temps Story

This novella has an interesting story. I had to remind myself frequently that it’s just fiction and doesn’t need to be based in any sort of reality except that of the writer’s imagination. Besides sounding as if Reed hires a secretary that also is a prostitute, there are also other quirks that felt off to me such as immigration issues. And, speaking of immigration, much of the slang and some of the spelling is British not American. Still, I found myself liking Khloe, though she did cave rather quickly after saying she wasn't going to perform any sexual duties for Reed. Overall, it was an okay novella but I don’t think Ms. DeWylde’s best work.


Bree needs to visit her mother in England and asks her roommate Khloe to fill in for her at work. Khloe knows that Bree is having sex with her boss and that it’s pretty much expected as part of the job. Khloe has no problem doing the filing but has no desire to being a sex toy. That soon changes after she meets Reed. Can she remember that this is only temporary?

Book Blurb for Temporary Tricks

A temporary trick turned treat that could be the forever kind.

Khloe Bell knows full well that she’s going to regret working for Reed Rothington. She’s heard all the stories of mad shagging on his desk, in the limo, at charity balls, and across the filing cabinets. Yes, she’d heard it all from her dear roomie who has to take leave to visit her sick mum in England.

The problem? Bree needs a job to come back to and Khloe needs rent money. Reed needs a secretary to hold down the fort while she’s gone, but Reed expects a little more than what’s accepted or socially correct from his secretaries. He doesn’t pay them for sex, he pays them to go away when it’s over. No way is Khloe going to board that ship. She’ll file, but there’s no way she’s taking dick-tation.

But this temporary trick could be just the treat they both need.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 3.00