Taming His Mate

Black Hills Wolves, #8

What happens when a shifter can’t shift? That question is answered in this fantastic novella which is part of the Black Hills Wolves. Stephen and Kate were introduced in a previous story, which you don’t have to read to enjoy this one but it was also fantastic. But, Stephen and Kate’s romance is much different than anyone else’s in their pack. The love is there but the communication isn’t. Until Kate is pushed she’s not condemning Stephen to a life with a shifter that can’t shift. And, this is only part of the storyline! Surprisingly for such a short story, there is a multilevel storyline that will keep your interest in not only this couple but the entire pack. I can’t think of any way that this story could be made better because it has everything you could want; depth, great characters, awesome sex and plenty of action.

Kate has always loved Stephen but there is no way that she’s telling him that. It doesn’t matter that Stephen wants her to be his mate. She’s not putting him through having a mate that can’t shift. He deserves better than that. But, Stephen is not giving up. He’s a patient wolf and at some point he knows he’ll get Kate. When hunters come into town, Kate is going to have to make decisions that will change her life. Will Stephen still want to be around?

Book Blurb for Taming His Mate

It’s a good thing Stephen Dorsett is a patient Wolf—especially since his stubborn mate refuses to accept the bond between them. Though she’s run from him for years, he’s determined to show her she belongs at his side. Nothing will stand between him and his sexy, spitfire she-Wolf.

Kate Matthews lives with a horrible secret. And though she’s loved Stephen for as long as she can remember, she could never be the mate he wants or deserves—especially if he ever learned the truth about her.

When hunters threaten the safety of the Black Hill’s Wolves pack, Kate overcomes her fears and lays her life on the line. Will Stephen and the rest of the pack accept her once her life-long plight is at last revealed?

Stands Alone: Yes

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 5.00