Take It Off!

The Naked Truth About Male Strippers

With the popularity of Magic Mike, the mystic of the male stripper has captured many female imaginations. In Take It Off!, two male exotic dancers take you behind the scenes, behind the hype and into the world where they worked for years. They take you from how they got into this business to their retirement plans and everything in between. Justin and Taylor will have you laughing as they share some of the practical jokes that have happened behind the stage. And, they will tell you what it takes to be a male stripper. It isn’t as easy as it looks!

And, I loved this book. From the sexcapades to explaining their gym routines, this book screams its authenticity and leaves you wondering what they left out. Yes, there are drugs. Yes, there is plenty of sex. And, yes there are friendships. This book is awesome and I thoroughly and completely enjoyed it. Justin and Taylor may have left the stage but they can still be seen on the covers of erotic romance novels. Makes you wonder if they plan a book about that experience too! If so, I’ll be there to buy it.

Book Blurb for Take It Off!

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes in a male strip club? Are those guys gay? How do they stay so ripped? Do they stuff their trunks? How did they get into such a business? How much money do they make? Do they have wild sex every night?

This book takes you backstage and into the lives of two successful male strippers over a span of twenty years in the business. From their rookie days to their wild sexcapades and practical jokes, Take It Off! is a laugh-filled, action-packed joyride.

Justin Whitfield and Taylor Cole are the stage names of male exotic dancers who have performed for women in Europe, the Caribbean, South America and Canada, as well as at various casinos, on cruise ships and in hundreds of clubs across the United States. Both have been featured on television and radio, as well as in newspapers, calendars and magazines. Both are also official Ellora’s Caveman cover models and appear on our erotic romance covers and at our conventions and tradeshows.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 5.00