Table Manners

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Table Manners

Diedre McIntosh finally has everything coming together in her life. At least, it looks that way. She’s recently bought a condo which considering a year ago she was homeless is great. She has a contract for her own line of cookies and cakes which is fantastic. And best of all, she has a wonderful boyfriend, Kevin Johnson, who supports her in whatever she wants to do.

 So why isn’t Diedre on top of the world? 
Taste testers aren’t giving her cookies high rating and after two tries on improving them, Diedre doesn’t know what to do. It looks like her dream is floating away.
Kevin has been traveling almost non-stop for business. Now, his ex-fiancée is showing up and making plays. When the ex is seeing more than Kevin than Diedre is, she starts to get nervous. After all, Diedre isn’t from the same background as them and they have so much in common.
When Diedre’s good friend, Lindsey has a heart attack, Diedre immediately jumps in to help but is it too much with everything else she’s trying to keep together?
Join Diedre as she works on keeping her life together and still keep sane!
I read Ms King’s previous book starring Diedre, Sweet Life, and loved it. So when I heard that she was writing a sequel, I couldn’t wait until it came out. I’m happy to say that it was well worth the wait as this book was as excellent as the first.
Now, don’t get nervous if you haven’t read Sweet Life. This book can definitely be read on its own. While characters from the previous book are again prominent in this one, they are introduced so they come in naturally and with enough information that you immediately know them.
The characters are strong, well developed and interesting. You can feel Diedre trying to hold it together as her world begins to fall apart. As she interacts with the other characters her personality comes out and you quickly fall in love with her. Kevin has a much smaller role than Diedre yet he comes across as a loving very busy man. I think one of the best characters is Kevin’s sister, Marla. She hates Diedre but loves her brother. Watching her trying to get back at Diedre while not being found out can cause some interesting situations.
Touches of humor come out throughout this book with falling cakes, ripping seams and a gay commitment ceremony. Yet, there are some serious notes too as Lindsey recovers from her heart attack and Diedre sees her dreams crumbling.
Ms King has put out another interesting book with great characters. By the end of this one though, Diedre’s life seems to have finally come together yet I don’t want to let her go! Still, Marla has a romance brewing which leaves an opening to return though Ms King may have other ideas and given her creativity I’m sure she’ll come up with something to satisfy her fans.
As you read this book some delicious sounding food keeps coming up. Well, Ms King has taken care of your problem of wanting to try it. Printed behind the story are 18 mouth watering recipes from chefs all over the world.

Book Blurb for Table Manners

The star of Mia King's "entertaining"(Seattle Times) debut novel Good Things is back—and she's got a full plate.

Deidre McIntosh is everyone's favorite go-to person. She seems so successful, so capable, so just plain perfect, with a popular cooking show, her own line of cakes and cookies, and an ideal relationship with Kevin Johnson—considered one of the most desirable men in Seattle.

Then Kevin's ex-fiancée, sultry magazine publisher Sabine Durant, suddenly appears, and Deidre needs help. Already intimidated by Kevin's glamorous, moneyed world—and his sister, who wants Deidre out of Kevin's life—she fears she's no match for Sabine. And the go-to girl must figure out where to go next before the tablecloth is pulled out from under her...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.75