THE Wizards of Venus:Book One - Magic Touch

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THE Wizards of Venus:Book One - Magic Touch

Grace O’Connor has an Earthling mother and a Venus father but that doesn’t stop her from being best friends with Venus’s prince Rand and his cousin, Jonathon. When Rand asks her to the special dance that marks the end of primary school, Gracie doesn’t even hesitate to attend with Rand. She is well aware that her aunt has prophesied that she will bond with her Chosen during the last dance but thinks that it is her dance, not Rand’s! She’s shocked when she’s attacked while there by Princess Deanna who thinks she should be with Rand, not a half breed like Gracie. As Gracie throws up a magical shield, Rand’s power joins her and a Chosen bond is formed. For the next 10 years, Rand does nothing waiting for Gracie to grow up and to give her some time.

During those years, Gracie has studied and readied herself to become an advisor to the king. She does not plan on marrying and believes that Rand has rejected their bond. She’s shocked when her father informs her that he and the king have signed a marriage contract for her and Rand. She doesn’t want it and plans on fighting it all the way to the end.
On Venus, most people have some sort of magical power. They also have sentient being that dwells within them. These beings do not usually make themselves known until their hosts are adults. 
Gracie also has a twin sister, Pati. Pati does not have magical abilities but that doesn’t make her powerless. It also doesn’t mean that she hasn’t drawn the eye of someone magical.
Can Rand convince Gracie that he really does love her even though he’s trying to take over every aspect of her life? She doesn’t think so. Princess Deanna hasn’t given up on getting Rand either. How far will she go to achieve her goals? Murder? Kidnapping? An overthrow of the government?
This is the introductory book of a new series. In it a new complex world is developed with different classes of people with different abilities. There are also rules to be followed, traditions to be learned and prejudices that are reveled. Mix in sentient beings with a physiology that has sexual hormones that can take over and you have hot sex in the physical and mental states. 
The characters were interesting. Instead of best friends easing into sexual relationship, Rand and Gracie seem to change who they were into someone else. Rand goes from friend to I have to take over and is not willing to trust Gracie. Gracie has a strong will and abilities and resents that Rand doesn’t want her to be herself. She resists becoming what he wants because she knows that she can’t live that way. Her parents and his parents try to help the couple but sometimes their help is more of a hindrance. Pati has her own romance going on which distracts Gracie from some of her problems but causes others. In the end, will the women find happiness or with the fighting and problems continue?
There are two stories going on; one with Gracie and Rand and the other with Pati and Jonathon. Each is full developed and would be interesting by itself so it’s an extra bonus to get two for one. By the end of this book, the set up for the next is already in place. It’s shaping up to be another fight to happiness but with a bit of a twist from this book.
I found this story to be interesting. It’s got a few rough spots but overall very good. A futuristic setting, some very hot sex and a diabolical villain make for a fast paced story with more twists and turn that you can count. Well, maybe if you take out the bed scenes you could count them...

Book Blurb for THE Wizards of Venus:Book One - Magic Touch

Length: Super Novel (70,129 words)
Category: Science Fiction, Romance
Firebolt Level: 3
Excess Level: 3
Ending: Happily Ever After
Welcome to the World of Venus. Unlike many had believed, it's not an uninhabitable place, but one which simply has cloaked its people from outsider presence. In a world of magic and warriors, High Prince Randall deCarthwright and his two best friends, his cousin, Jonathan deCarthwright, and the daughter of his dad's advisor, Grace Anne O'Connor, grew up.
Rand, the crown prince, soon to take over the reins from his retiring father; Gracie, who longs to follow her dad's footsteps; and Jonathan, a powerful vindexicis warrior who has become the head of security for the royal family - all think they are on their set courses, until a prophesy shatters their belief.
Gracie was aware of the prophesy but with time and distance from her chosen mate, her belief in it is broken. She becomes livid when she finds out her father and the King of Venus have arranged her marriage to Rand. She's shocked to find out Rand wants the marriage to take place. Against the advice of his sentient power, Ruzac, Rand's given Gracie the time she's needed to grow up before claiming her. Now, with the time at hand, the mezlcar, their intense mating ritual, begins to burn as an unseen force plots against them, and Rand is torn between mating with or protecting his chosen.

Join the wild ride as Rand attempts to convince Gracie of their right to be together, all while trying to defeat the bad guys with a bit of help from his friends - a spunky offworlder, and two unpredictable sentient beings. 

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.00