Switch It Up

Noble House Kink, Book 2

This story was unique. The characters were well thought out and their interactions were realistic. I loved that the characters had shocks, shake-ups and growth. Maddy is a strong woman with strong opinions which she doesn’t mind sharing. Ezra has some secrets that he must figure out if he’s willing to share them. While Kochran comes across as an in-control Dom, you learn that isn’t always the case. These three characters are the main focus of the story but don’t forget the secondary characters because they too are important to the plot. This story takes fantasy and makes it reality. I enjoy a good ménage and a good BDSM story. This is both and an excellent story.

Maddy loves to hack into websites even though it’s illegal. However, when she hacks into the website for Noble House, she finds much more than she expected. In fact, she felt compelled to physically visit Noble House to let the owner Kochran know what she found. Kochran listens but hands her off to the man in charge of the website, Ezra. Now, Maddy is in trouble. She is attracted to both men! But, she has a job to do. Can she keep her mind on the job? The men don’t seem to have any problems distracting her.

Book Blurb for Switch It Up

Welcome to Noble House, Where Your Passion is Our Pleasure, and Someone is Always Watching…

Hacker Madeline Zane gets off on crossing lines. So when she discovers security flaws in the Noble House website, she thinks nothing of showing up at the door of the hybrid fetish club and demanding an audience with the owner. Especially after watching an intense online scene of the notorious Dom bringing a submissive to her knees.

Kochran Duke is weary of always being in control, but meeting Maddy rekindles his pleasure in what had become strictly business. And instead of making him jealous, seeing her submit to his old friend Ezra has him aching for something he didn’t even know he was searching for.

The kind of heartbreak Ezra’s lived through changes a man. Maddy makes him crave a life he thought he’d put behind him for good. Watching her with Kochran only fuels his desires, rousing the caged beast within.

Fortunately at Noble House, virtually any fantasy can become reality.

This book is approximately 90,000 words

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Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2018 5.00