Sweet Surrender

Grayson (Gray) Montgomery was recovering from being shot. His partner on the Dallas police force and life long friend, Alex, had been killed. While waiting for his final physical and psych evaluation, he is approached by Alex's father, Mick and asked to not return to work right away but to help Mick find Alex's killer. Gray thinking that the police department would be actively searching for the killer is surprised when he finds out that the chief is pretty much stating that Alex asked for it by going outside procedures and is not really looking for the culprit. With that information, Gray asks for a 6 month leave of absence and joins with Mick looking for Alex's killer.

Through a friend of Mick's, Gray finds himself in Houston working for Malone and Sons Security. William Malone, the owner, adopted Faith as an adult. Faith's mother, Celia is a drug addict and is the girlfriend of supposed killer, Eric Samuels. Celia frequently calls Faith for money and Mick is hoping that Gray can use that to be lead to Samuels. What neither expect is the attraction that Gray feels towards Faith.

Faith is doing her own journey of discovery. She is looking for Mr. Right after finding lots of Mr. Wrongs. She's not sure where to find him but she's pretty sure she knows what she wants. Her journey leads her to places that no one expected to find her but her desires are such that those are the only places she knows to look.

I liked this book.

The search for the killer was good though the premises that the cops weren't really looking wasn't the best. I can't see a police department letting a cop killer go even if they thought the cop wasn't doing everything according to the book. Mick's grief and desire to take care of the killer was portrayed well. Gray wanting to keep his police job and insisting on staying on the right side of the law was perfect.

The gradual falling in love of Gray and Faith and their interactions with the rest of the staff at Malone and Sons was perfect. Gray felt that he was using Faith and didn't want to get involved with her but couldn't seem to help himself. The other guys at work, Faith's adopted brother and two other men, watch out for Faith and were checking to make sure Gray wasn't going to hurt her as they felt she had been hurt enough in life.

The only downside, if you could call it a downside, is the sex. While I don't mind and even enjoy most love scenes, most of them in this book are outside the norm though they are tastefully done. A visit to "The House" exposed readers to a place where anything sexual went as long as no one got hurt including homosexual activity, 2 on 1 and spanking. These kinds of scenes were throughout the book as Faith explores her sexual desires and her search for Mr. Right.

Overall, this is a good story and I'd love to learn more about the other guys at Malone and Sons. Perhaps in a future book, I will.

Book Blurb for Sweet Surrender

The author of For Her Pleasure makes readers surrender to erotic romantic suspense. It doesn't get much hotter.

Dallas cop Gray Montgomery is on a mission to find the guy who killed his partner. So far, he's found a link between the killer and Faith, a beautiful stranger-and if Gray has to get close to her to catch the killer, so be it. And closer still when the killer makes his own moves on the vulnerable young woman.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.00