Sweet Persuasion

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Sweet Persuasion

Serena has been fulfilling people’s fantasies for several years in the business Fantasy Incorporated. She only takes fantasies that she knows she can fill, no one gets hurt and not sexual. Things like letting a man pretend that he is a chef in a top restaurant or a little girl is a princess on a cruise. Serena’s so busy making others fantasies come true that she’s been unable to fulfill her own, to be, for a lack of a better word, a sex slave. When she finally gets up the nerve to share this desire with her two closest friends, she shocked when the quiet one, Faith, thinks she can help Serena make her fantasy happen.
Faith happens to know rich businessman, Damon Roche who owns an exclusive sex club known as The House. Faith knows that some of the members are into things like sex slaves and surely Damon can find one to meet Serena’s desires for a month.
Damon hears Serena out about this client who wants to become a sex slave for a month. Not only is Damon interested in this proposal but also he’s interested in the woman presenting it, Serena. He’s shocked and delighted when he discovers that the client is actually Serena. Damon has been looking for a strong woman who will agree to let him take control, to give her what she needs while he fulfills his needs. He’s not into game playing but he’s willing to give Serena a month she won’t forget. He only hopes that he can convince her to stay once the month is up!
Serena has doubts almost from the start on if she can give up that much control. Can she even make it for a month?
This is the sequel to Sweet Surrender but can definitely be read alone. It is a completely separate story with few references to the previous one. The characters from Sweet Surrender can be found in Sweet Persuasion and they play a large role in the book but they only add to the story, not distract. 
Damon was a very likeable character from Sweet Surrender and comes back even more likeable and loveable in Sweet Persuasion. He becomes more well rounded in this book even to the point where we meet his mom and learn of his upbringing. The only complaint I could even think of with Damon is he’s too perfect but I’d love to have a man as perfect as he is! 
Serena doesn’t seem to have quite as much depth as Damon but we get more into her mind, thoughts and desires, which makes her just as likeable as Damon. She is a strong woman who questions giving someone else the power to take over her life. She also feels deeply but has problems expressing what she needs. This can cause problems with the type of relationship she is starting with Damon! 
The other characters are very well done. Serena’s best friends, Faith and Julie, are shown to care about Serena and generally act just like best friends do. Julie’s crush on Nathan is explored and it seems as if Julie is going to get her own story but Nathan may not be in the starring role! We see who is interested in Julie and it should be a wild ride.
The situations that the characters find themselves in are believable. Sometimes, their actions even backfire, which makes for interesting reading. Just because Serena gives control to Damon doesn’t mean that she becomes a zombie! She still has her thoughts, feelings and opinions, which she has to struggle to be made known in a lifestyle that she’s still learning.
The sexual and sensual scenes are graphic but the emotions that go into them are fantastic. From Damon trying to fulfill all of Serena’s desires and fantasies to Serena trying to shame Damon, the sexual aspects of this book are in your face. However, as good as they are, the storyline underneath keeps this story going and the sex is only a tantalizing part of it.
Because I really enjoy Ms Banks’ books, I couldn’t wait to read this one and it didn’t disappoint. She draws you right into the story from the start and the finish comes way too soon. The lifestyle she shows us is one that is foreign to most and she does it so you can appreciate it and get an understanding for it. Though some of the sexual and sensual scenes may not be everyone’s cup of tea, they are done extremely well and are full of emotion wrapping you up in the character’s feelings.
Another terrific book by a great erotic romance writer!

Book Blurb for Sweet Persuasion

For five years, Serena has run Fantasy Incorporated and devoted her time to fulfilling her clients' fantasies, but never her own. Until now... Her most secret desire is to give ownership of her body to a man. Someone who will command her, pleasure her, and have complete authority over her. So she seeks out Damon Roche, owner of an exclusive sex club and a man strong enough to make her do anything he wants. Anything.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 4.75