Sweet and Dirty

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Sweet and Dirty

Sweet and Dirty is two books in one! A sweet one, Baring It All and a dirty one, Forbidden Heat. Both explore the edgier side of BDSM, going further than just a little bondage.

In Baring It All, Michelle Gray has left her rural home and ventured to the big city. She ran a successful dog breeding business until one of her dogs attacked her. Now, she’s willing to work as a helper in a doggie day care/boarding establishment set up of pampered pets of the rich. When she’s sent to an adult store to purchase a dog collar she is introduced to a world she’s had no experience with. She also meets Ro Kaliph, owner of a new S&M nightclub and gets an invitation to meet him there. Determined to learn to be more dominant, Michelle thinks Ro may be the one who can teach her but can he? When Michelle’s ex comes to town and tries to talk her into returning home, her life really gets complicated. Is Michelle strong enough to resist the pull to return home where it’s safe or will she be willing to explore a side of herself that she never knew she had with Ro?
In Forbidden Heat, Ryan wants to surprise his fiancée, Nora Sabine, with a weekend at a B&B where the B&B stands for Bondage and Breakfast not bed and breakfast. She has no idea that this is anything except a weekend away until they get there. Not only is this not some place that she would have ever thought about visiting but Ryan has filled out her questionnaire with answers that shock her. It doesn’t take long before owner, Sylvester, sees that there is a problem. He quickly comes up with a solution that shocks both Nora and Ryan. Their weekend definitely turned out differently than Ryan had planned but is it for the better or worse?
These stories are not connected in anyway except that they are about BDSM and two women’s introduction to this type of activity. They do not share characters, locations or anything else. Both could be expanded into a longer story though they are complete as is.
BDSM is a lot of different activities. In these stories pain is the activity of choice. There are many scenes with paddling/spanking in them. In Forbidden Heat the pain activities also include play with electricity. These are not activities that are generally found in a romance story but Ms Crooks incorporates them well making you almost think that you are missing something special if you’re not into pain. 
The female characters feel as though they are someone you might know. Michelle has been told that she needs to become more dominate while working with her dogs yet she has problems doing so. Still the dogs love her and try to please her. Could her family and friends being trying to make her into someone she is not? As she struggles to figure out who she really is, she learns more than she expects. Nora is up for a major promotion that will take up even more of her free time, leaving little left to do the things she enjoys. She’s worked hard and deserves the promotion but does she really want all it entails?
As scenes and situations popped up in each story, I found myself smiling as things unfold. I could almost place myself in Michelle’s shoes as she talks herself into entering an adult store for the first time and had a hard time not laughing as she meets Ro for the first time. Nora seeing Ryan in situations that she never expected to see him in are priceless. To find out that it wasn’t just her that caused some of Ryan’s sexual issues was awesome. 
The only real problem/complaint that I have in with Forbidden Heat. I felt that the relationship that was developing went a little too fast. However, it was still a good story so that little minor issue is just that, fairly minor.
These are wonderfully stimulating, titillating, and painful stories that while not extremely deep or multi-dimensional are entertaining and fun to read. There is enough plot to have a story and enough sex to keep the characters well satisfied. These stories are not for the faint of heart or those who can’t enjoy sane, safe and consensual sexual activities that are outside the box.

Book Blurb for Sweet and Dirty

Sweet and Dirty: In “Baring it All,” the first in a delicious duo of short novels, a timid dog trainer hopes to become more dominant with the help of a fetish club owner, but instead learns how to accept her submissive nature. And in “Forbidden Heat,” workaholic Nora travels to a B&B that’s really a Bondage & Breakfast, where she meets the Master of her dreams. (two short novels, stand-alones)


Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.00