Suspicious Ways

Lack of communication and past perceptions have Ali and Jack at odds, between the times they’re in bed! At times this is almost painful to read as you’d like to sit them down and force them to talk and other times you’re thinking that they finally have it together. Regardless of which it is, the emotional pull of these characters will keep you reading. Just remember that the bad guy really is bad and that this is a romance with a happy ending, though the ending is even better than I could have imagined. This is a really good contemporary romance that allowed me to live in a life style that I have no experience in.

Ali and Jack have known each other for years. They have even had sex, once, on the day of Ali’s father’s funeral. Then, Jack left for 4 years, returning to take over Ali’s yacht and business. The trust that should have been there has been shattered and each is trying to figure out the other without giving them a chance to explain. But, they’ve been attracted to each other since they met and if they can just let their bodies do the talking, they might actually work this relationship out.

I enjoyed this fast paced romance. It was different in many ways and let me learning a bit about Australia and yachting. There aren’t a lot of erotic sexual scenes but the love scenes that are in this story are very well done and fit the plot perfectly. The characters were fairly well done and you could understand their motives and actions. Overall, a really nice story that should satisfy most romance readers.

Book Blurb for Suspicious Ways

Tame their desire? Better to try and tame the wind.

Four years after her father’s tragic death, Ali Graham is still trying to piece together her shattered life. However, with her mother’s worsening illness and mounting medical bills, Ali is in danger of losing her inherited yacht-chartering business. Things can’t possibly get worse—until the man who broke her heart sails back into her life.

After that night when desire to comfort spilled over into lovemaking, Jackson McKenzie’s crushing guilt drove him to say things he didn’t mean, to leave when he wanted to stay. But when he discovers Ali is partnered with Sydney’s most notorious entrepreneur, he has no choice but to step in.

If Jackson thinks Ali is going to let him swoop in and claim Wind Seeker as his own, she has a news flash for him. She can take care of herself, and as much as her traitorous body still craves Jackson’s touch, she’ll fight for her father’s legacy, tooth and nail.

Suspicion and distrust slice through their reignited passion like a gale force wind through the rigging. But failing to weather the storm risks more than a second chance at love. Their very lives could be at stake.

Warning: Love is never easy. Especially when revenge, guilt and scorching desire all fight for control of the helm.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 4.00