Sunset Heat

Bandicoot Cove: The Wedding, Book 2

Another wonderful story set in Bandicoot Cove by Lexxie Couper. Once again, readers are taken to this magical, romantic island off the coast of Australia and treated to a story filled with hot men and hot sex. Sunset Heat is even extra spectacular in that you not only get a great international flavor but singing sensation Nick Blackistone makes another appearance at the resort. From beginning to end the story will grab your attention and keep it.

The characters are an international mix with the lead female character, Kennedy being an American with a phobia about butterflies who runs in with a one night stand she had in New York, Australian firefighter Luke who is attending a wedding with his British cousin Addison. International relations have never been so close as these three explore the attraction they all feel. A ménage isn’t what any of them plan for but they’re willing and able to try this experience. With confused feelings, these characters try to figure out where do they go from here.

While this is the second story in a trilogy, several characters from previous books set in this locale make their appearance. However, while it is great to see them, you can still totally enjoy this story without having read any of the other books.

Sunset Heat had me laughing at points and looking for relief at others but always kept me interested and entertained. This is a special mix of erotic romance which will make you dream of your own special vacation.

Short and definitely not sweet, this story will have your ready to pack and leave for Bandicoot Cove. It seems love is in the air there as well as steamy sex and hunky men. I’m absolutely loving my visits through stories to this erotic resort and can’t wait to read more.

Book Blurb for Sunset Heat

A photographer, a firefighter, a rake. Let the debauchery begin!

When Kennedy bolted after a mind-blowing one-night stand with a sexy Australian firefighter, she never expected to be standing in front of him four months later on a tropical island resort. Naked, thanks to her phobia of butterflies.

Trouble is, she’s equally turned on by Luke and his hunky British cousin. Not exactly how she’d intended to spend her first day as Bandicoot Cove’s official photographer.

Luke never planned on falling for the feisty, flirty American he met at a New York bar. Now that he’s face to face with her again, he has two questions. Why did she run? And why can’t he stop thinking about sharing the woman of his dreams with his cousin?

Addison invited himself along on his cousin’s trip for a weekend of no-strings-attached sex. But he wants to get to know Kennedy on all levels. Seriously, this is no way for a rake to behave. And how the hell is he going to tell his cousin he’s interested in the very woman Luke can’t get out of his mind?

Warning: The setting sun isn’t the only thing heating up Bandicoot Cove, because when the word “threesome” gets thrown into the mix, it’s seduction on a global scale. (Note: No butterflies were scorched during scenes of burning passion.)

Three Part Series, Three Different Authors. Afternoon Rhapsody By: Jess Dee - #1 | Sunset Heat By: Lexxie Couper - #2 | Moonlight Mirage By: Sami Lee - #3

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.50