Summer of the Geek

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Summer of the Geek

Miranda Bloom’s summer looked perfect or as perfect as it gets in her life. She got the guy that she loves, Dex, a summer job lined up, being an au pair to 10 year old genius, Amanda and a position next school year with the school paper which she has been aspiring to for years. On the other hand, Miranda has her driving test coming up which she is sure to fail, her mother wants her to move to London, England and her dad and stepmom seem to be fighting all the time.
All in all, Miranda is looking for a good summer until Dex’s ex comes home. It seems that Dex is meeting her on the side and has some secret that he’s not sharing. Is he going back to his ex?
Amanda hates Miranda. All Amanda wants to do is play the piano. That can’t be normal even for a piano playing genius! What is Miranda going to do?
The main character, Miranda is in a lot of ways a typical teen. She has worries about school, parents and boyfriend. She’s also a mathematical genius but she doesn’t particularly like math. Miranda likes to write. Touches of humor come out as Miranda works her way through her problems and joys.
The other characters are as likeable and quirky as Miranda giving a very light, fun feeling to this book. One of Miranda’s best friends, Charlie has her hair dyed purple. Another, Finn is a millionaire due to a video game he developed. Hannah is Miranda’s stepsister and is about the opposite of Miranda. Even Dex’s jock friends make appearances which attracts Charlie’s interest.
The problems that are in Miranda’s life are in many teens; which parent to live with, communication issues with friends and getting your drivers license. Though some of these are extremely serious, this story doesn’t drone on and on about them but puts them into a context that allows Miranda to work through them. 
I would completely recommend this cute, fun story to any tween or young teen. Though the main character is suppose to be 16, this book reads younger. There are no passionate kisses but sweet innocent encounters. Sex, drugs and other major vices and concerns are not mentioned. Instead, wholesome activities like sports, cookouts and working are stressed. Yet, even as an adult I enjoyed reading about Miranda and wonder how her junior year at Geek High will go.

Book Blurb for Summer of the Geek

The third compulsively readable book in the smart and witty series about a high school for gifted students.
Miranda Bloom has scored an adorable, lacrosse-playing boyfriend, Dex McConnell, and an awesomely easy summer job looking after a ten year old mini-genius, Amelia. This summer is going to be sweet...
Then reality puts the brakes on everything. Though Dex and Miranda are official, she feels like he's keeping secrets-secrets that may have to do with his fashion model ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile, Amelia is harder to figure out than advanced trigonometry. How can they bond if all she does is practice the piano? Plus Miranda's mom just invited her to live in London with her. Living across the pond would be great, but can she really leave Geek High and Dex?
Looks like Miranda has a secret of her own... 

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 4.50