Sugar Sweet

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Sugar Sweet

The Sugar Series

I love Ms. d’Abo’s writing which is why I picked this book up. No matter what she writes I get drawn in and quickly become invested in her characters. This book is no different. Even though the blurb sounds like a typical poor girl meets rich man and they fall in love story, and it is, there is much more depth than you would typically find. There is betrayal, manipulation, friendships and families. All of these elements come together in a unique way because some of the “bad” guys aren’t who you expect. This makes room for some great twists and turns. Of course, you know the ending but it’s the journey that makes it worth reading. Marissa is a proud woman who isn’t sure how she is going to pay some unexpected massive debts but she knows she doesn’t want a handout. Vince is a businessman who has a vision that seems doomed. It doesn’t appear that they have much in common but the sparks still fly. So, though it appears to be a clique, it ends up being so much more.

Marissa trusted her boyfriend and envisioned that they would marry. She never expected for them to break up and with her being left with thousands of dollars of debt. She isn’t able to get a loan to consolidate and her job barely pays her bills much less all of the debt she’s gotten. A friend suggests a sugar daddy website as a side job to make money. Marissa isn’t sure about this scheme but she’s dispirit. Vince is shocked to learn his father has advertised for a woman off a sugar daddy site. He decides to meet this gold digger and get rid of her quickly. It shouldn’t be hard but he didn’t expect Marissa. Can he get her to agree to helping him out professionally?

Book Blurb for Sugar Sweet

Connecting with a sugar daddy is reserved for a certain kind of woman. But some men make you yearn to be that kind of woman . . .

Marissa Roy never thought she would do it. Until she finds herself overwhelmed by debt, college costs—and a vengeful ex-boyfriend determined to ruin her financially. But once she meets multi-millionaire Vince Taylor, the thought of sleeping with her hot benefactor is a major turn-on. Except Vince has one condition to their dating contract: he wants her by his side, but not in his bed. Finding sex was easy, he said, finding someone he could trust was not. Still, his hungry gaze tells Marissa otherwise . . .

She’s the perfect escort—a natural beauty with the kind of savvy discretion that will keep his personal life out of the tabloids. Only Vince doesn’t expect his body to pulse every time Marissa steps into the room, every time she stands close. Too close.  He doesn’t expect to find himself pulling her into his arms, night after night after night. Suddenly he can’t get enough of her intoxicating body. And once he’s broken that rule, it’s only a matter of time until he violates his vow to never, ever fall in love . . .

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2018 4.00