The Warrior, #3

This is the third book in a unique urban fantasy. The main character is a teenager with big ideas and leaderships skills. She, however, sees herself as a medium warrior and not very pretty. However, she attracts male attention wherever she goes. This story is fast paced, filled with violence and a well hidden twist that will change everything. The world developed is detailed and complex. There are vampires, werewolves, teenage fighters and a society made up of warriors and non-warriors. The characters are well thought out with each having a distinct personality and characteristics. The story can be emotional and intense. Seldom is there anything to laugh out. In fact, you’re never sure if characters are even going to live! Betrayal happens and there is even a mad scientist. Once I started reading, I had to read more. This story will bring you into a different world and you’re not going to want to stop until the end.

As stated, this is the third book in the series. It starts by jumping in where the last book left off. However, it would be possible to follow this book without having read the previous two. It would be better if you read from the beginning.

Rachel is thrilled to be back home and that her boyfriend, Jason, and his werewolf pack are in the area. She still doesn’t understand why Jason has to do everything his father wants, just because he’s the pack alpha. Rachel is also a bit depressed that she had to kill her former boyfriend, Chad, when he turned into a vampire. To get back at the vampires, Rachel decides to go after them where they live. She talks her dad into teaching how to make bombs. Soon, other young warriors have joined her. But, suddenly everything is falling apart again. Jason leaves and she is in trouble. Now what?

Book Blurb for Subversive

Rachel Clancy should never be counted out. She's a fighter and fighters never quit. Her destiny is to lead in a world filled with vampires and werewolves--void of romance and flowers. In charge of a secret revolution that could change her home forever, she's forced to battle and vanquish any threat to her friends and family. But no matter how many times she's won, the evil that threatens her never forgets her name.

Life is a continuous battle that never ends.

Especially for Rachel...

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 4.50