Submissive Seductions

This book is divided into three distinct sections with each exploring a different aspect of Liz and Gareth’s evolving relationship. The journey starts with Liz wanting to explore her secret fantasy of being a submissive in a BDSM relationship. Was she really a submissive? What are the rules? Are there rules? Gareth is a friend of Liz’s roommate and trust was established. This could have been the end of a terrific short story but this story continues. It moves on to the next stage, a few months later. And there Liz and Gareth explore more of their relationship in how it relates to BDSM and how it relates to the real lives. Personal issues are explored. Still things aren’t finished as the third and last section of this story starts seeing major developments in Liz and Gareth’s personnel relationship and not just their BDSM relationship. Yes, those are two separate things in this story. This story is intense. Things aren’t always as black and white as you would like. Things aren’t always as they seem. Exploration is taking risks that may back fire. Each is going to have to move pass their comfort zone and take a chance. Neither is sure they can. It was extremely easy to get caught up in this relationship. You wanted them to reach out but weren’t sure what would happen. Could a happy ending occur or would it just be happy for now? But, before you think this book is just a downer and really serious, think again. There are extremely funny moments that balance out those that are more serious. I absolutely loved how there are three sections with months in between. This shows that relationships take time and effort. Whether you are just starting to read BDSM or have been reading it for a long time, this book is definitely a must read.

Liz thinks she might be a submissive and her roommate who is in the scene agrees but coming to a club and bidding on a Dom is way outside Liz’s comfort zone. She hasn’t figured out how she was talked into it. But, when she sees Gareth, Liz knows that he is the Dom she wants, even if she’s not sure what she wants him for. Gareth is willing to be auctioned off for charity but it’s only for one night. He’s not looking for a permanent sub. Will that change after he realizes he’s attracted to Liz?

Book Blurb for Submissive Seductions

Sometimes getting what you want…makes you crave something more

Purchasing a Dom from a charity auction was the wildest thing Liz had ever done. The chance to bring her secret fantasy to life, to be a submissive—even just for one night—was worth any price. And Gareth was everything she wanted in a Master. He touched, he taught, he tantalized. He opened her world to pleasures she’d never imagined. But was it enough?

After one night turned into a blurred-line relationship, Liz’s feelings for Gareth went beyond desire. Yet the kink, no matter how hot, had her wondering if she could ever have a normal relationship. Her Dom was a man with a tragic past and he’d put rules in place from the start.  If Liz chose to break them would she lose the intense passion she’d just discovered—as well as the man she loved?...

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 5.00