Submissive by Moonlight

This was a unique and interesting BDSM story that had me wondering if there was going to be a happy ending. While the play and sex scenes were hot, Nolan and Marisa’s tempers were just as hot and Marisa shut the door on Nolan more than once! There were a lot more struggles than who was in charge as beliefs were taken out and examined. Wiccan or Pagan beliefs are essential in this story. Christian beliefs are not. BDSM is practiced. There is some violence and a mention of drug use. Nolan is a cop after all and he does have to work! As the story progressed I found myself wondering how this was going to end. Could the trust Marisa showed Nolan in the bedroom be mirrored by Nolan out of the bedroom?

Do opposites attract? Can different beliefs mesh? Magic is normal for Marisa who is a witch while logic only works for cop Nolan. Yet, the attraction they feel towards each other can’t be denied. Nolan is a Dom. Marisa has BDSM fantasies. Their times exploring this brings sex like Marisa has never had before but when it’s over, she learns she also has clearer visions. Nolan doesn’t believe in visions but can be believe in Marisa? A life is on the line!

Book Blurb for Submissive by Moonlight

Marisa is a witch. Nolan is a cop--and a skeptic of all things supernatural. When Marisa's vision helps Nolan find a missing girl, he puts her on the suspect list. But when he searches her home, he not only finds that she's innocent, he discovers she shares his interest in BDSM. In a small town it's almost impossible for Nolan to find a good play partner, and Marisa is the perfect woman. But Nolan can't pretend to believe in her psychic gifts even though the sex is definitely magical.

Marisa had given up on ever finding a Dom, but now one has found her. When he ties her up he's the kind of hot she's dreamed about, but outside the bedroom there are plenty of challenges confronting a skeptic and a witch. Marisa and Nolan seem incompatible, and neither the Goddess nor hard logic offer any solutions unless they discover that two opposites can make the perfect team.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.50