Strong, Sleek and Sinful

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Strong, Sleek and Sinful

FBI Special Agent Kylie Donovan doesn’t look her age of 27. Instead, she looks about 23 and frequently goes undercover to catch sexual predators. When Kylie was 14, her older sister, Karen, was raped and killed. Her current is assignment is to pose as a college student in Mission Springs doing a thesis on teenagers. This way she can get close to them and hopefully find the person who is killing them. The evidence so far shows it’s someone within the local police department or at least someone who has access to their computers.
Lieutenant Perry Flynn is a local cop. He sees a pattern forming and wants the case. The chief isn’t so sure and doesn’t seem to want to give it to anyone. This worries Perry who has 4 nieces close in age to the victims. When his 16 year old niece, Dani starts hanging around Kylie, Perry is suspicious and wants her away from Dani. He doesn’t trust anyone he doesn’t know until this killer is found. It doesn’t help that everything he’s seen about Kylie doesn’t add up like the security around her rented house. Worse yet, Perry feels a strong attraction to Kylie and it appears she feels the same way.
As each searches for the killer without knowing the other one is doing the same thing, Perry and Kylie start realizing that their attraction is growing and their killer is getting bolder. Are they ever going to be able to let the other know that they are after the same guy or are they going to keep working at cross purposes?
Ms O’Clare writes some awesome books about crime, the FBI and love. Sounds like a strange combination but she does it with flare and gets into the nitty gritty. That is the nitty gritty of both the crime and the falling in love.
Her characters are strong, knowledgeable and with purpose. Kylie and Perry know their jobs and take pride in them. They know what they want to accomplish and are willing to bend the rules a bit to make it happen. Each is able to carry their own weight in the field and in the bedroom.
Not only that, but her characters are likeable. Perry does a lot with his sister’s family. Watching his interactions shows the love and care that he is capable of. Kylie envies this relationship and wishes that she could share it. Perry’s nieces are typical teens and their interactions with each other, their mother, their friends, Perry and Kylie reflect that.
The crime that portrayed in this story is current and up to date. Many teens think they are talking, texting or instant messaging another teen when in fact it could be anyone. The fact that your child is smart doesn’t mean they won’t fall for this gambit as these criminals are well versed is how to sucker kids into their plans. Anyone who has a child, knows a child or knows someone with a child should remember how quickly and easily teens believe what they are told.
Okay, apart from grisly murders and psycho killers, this is a wonderful romance. Perry and Kylie are told to leave each other alone, to not socialize. Yet, the attraction they feel is so strong that they seem to come up with all kinds of reasons to meet. When they finally do get together, the sparks fly and the sex sizzles. Can they keep this secret or will to come out and they are both libel to loose their jobs?
I loved this book. The suspense kept me on the edge of my chair. While I was fairly sure I knew who the killer was, there was enough of a twist that my interest never waned. Even after the killer was caught, Perry and Kylie weren’t looking at a happily ever after ending as Kylie’s job was sending her far away. Could there be a happy ending to their romance? Ultimately, the book ended and I was more than satisfied.

Book Blurb for Strong, Sleek and Sinful

In this taut, sexy thriller from award-winning author Lorie O’Clare, sexual tension simmers between a beautiful FBI agent and a cop who may be moonlighting as a killer…
Special Agent Kylie Donovan knows the evil that men do. After her sister’s murder went unsolved, she decided to work undercover for the FBI. Now, posing as a college student, she hopes to track down an Internet predator who is murdering teenage girls. Using herself as bait, Kylie is sure she can lure the killer out of the shadows…until her fascination with a drop-dead gorgeous cop threatens to blow her whole case.
With a rock hard body and seductive smile, Lieutenant Perry Flynn is a hard man to ignore. He makes it very clear that Kylie’s fierce attraction is mutual. But Kylie can’t afford to let Perry cloud her judgment, especially when she begins to suspect that his dark obsession with the case runs deeper than it should. Then, when disturbing new evidence points to a cop, Kylie wonders if her sinful thoughts about Perry have thrust her into the strong, sleek arms of a killer…

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 5.00