Strange Days

Shadow Promised, #1

This book has been out for a while but I hadn’t really paid attention to Rebecca Royce’s stories. I should have. Her storytelling skills are outstanding. You quickly get involved with the story and the characters. There is nothing cookie cutter about her characters. They are definitely unique. This story is equally so. There is a secret group, paranormal elements, moments of humor and others of despair. It might sound as if this book is all over the place but it isn’t. It is logical and follows a great plot line. The men are sexy and hot…..Christian is a stripper and cover model! Dodie sees herself as a normal woman who needs to lose a little weight to go after someone like Christian. When they get together, things move fast to the bedroom where things will heat up. Definitely erotic. Slightly horror. Mostly fantastic.

Dodie has been admiring her neighbor Christian since he moved in. What wasn’t to like? The man was outstanding and definitely fit. He was also way out of Dodie’s reach. But, when Dodie receives a call that her best friend’s boyfriend has been brutally murdered and her best friend is at the local hospital, Dodie is appreciative of Christian giving her a ride. Christian soon discovers that the murderer is more than just a bad man, he’s a demon. He’s also not above taking advantage of getting to know the neighbor he’s lusted after. Where will this end? How do you fight a demon?

Book Blurb for Strange Days

Dodie Chase has a terrible crush on her neighbor, Christian Casillo. But a man like him—karate black belt, exotic dancer and romance novel cover stud—could never be interested in a mouse like her.

And thoughts of romance fly out of her head when her best friend’s boyfriend is brutally murdered, leaving Mindy white-haired and in shock. An evil clown, a creature from Dodie’s worst nightmares, is pursuing everyone she loves—and she starts to realize that Christian is among them.

**Please note, this book was previously published under the same name by a different publisher**

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 4.50