Feral Instincts, #1

Thank goodness this story is only 57 pages. Okay, maybe it would be better if it were longer so it could develop more depth. The characters while you had bits of their history you really didn’t get a good feel for them. Grey has a pack yet I couldn’t understand the pack dynamics. Each member of the pack seemed to have their own agenda without anyone in charge. There are fights without logic and interactions which seem forced. I truly liked the concept of this story but the execution wasn’t as good as I had hoped.

The Story: Caroline is working temporarily at a park. She lost almost everything she had in the city and is living at a dump of a motel. When one of her co-workers captures a wolf, she does want she can to try to save it. What she doesn’t know is that it’s a werewolf and her friends are trying to locate her. Grey, one of the werewolves searching for the missing werewolf, smells the scent of the missing werewolf on Caroline but he also smells the scent of his mate. She’s human so how can he explain why he needs to release the captured wolf and that she’s his mate?

Book Blurb for Stolen

Caroline’s ready to put the past behind her. She’s working in the deep north for the summer, and enjoys the slower pace. Things get ugly when she finds herself caught up in a nightmare worse than the one she left behind in the city.

Grey lives between two worlds, but he’s determined not to take a human mate. When one of his packmates goes missing, the trail leads to a woman working at the national park. He doesn’t hesitate to steal her away, planning to get information at any cost. Grey doesn’t expect the deep-seated attraction he has for her or the sudden need to claim her as his own.

Can he convince his captive that she’s his mate?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2018 3.00