Stealing the Bride

Mara Nelson has decided to spend the week prior to her wedding in seclusion. She decided that camping in a remote location in MI would fill the bill. She’s hoping to fix the unbalanced, uncentered feeling that she has. Though she misses things like air conditioning, she’s enjoying the sounds of nature, until she hears footsteps heading her way.
Daniel and Jacob are Mara’s roommates back in New York. They have been a couple for years but have found that they also have feelings for Mara, which are unknown to her. She has no idea that they are bi. Daniel and Jacob have come to change Mara’s mind about marrying Marco. In fact, they want to show Mara the advantages of staying with them!
The wedding’s only a week away. What will Mara do? She’s always enjoyed Daniel and Jacob’s company and cares deeply for them but she’s promised to Marco.
I found this story to be a quick, fast paced read.
Because this wasn’t a real long story and only covered a few days, there wasn’t a whole lot of depth to it. Some conflicts were alluded to such as between Mara and her boss who is Marco’s best friend while others are quickly taken care of such as a job relocation. There were no pages of dialog concerning these issues but just a mention and a resolution. Basic information was given for Mara, Jacob and Daniel but no real history or background. 
What readers do get are lots of sexual and sensual scenes. Jacob and Daniel can be very persuasive in their goal of making Mara part of their family. These scenes are graphic and contain m/m action. 
On a side note that has nothing to really do with the actual story, there are many British English spelled words in the story though it’s based in the US. I didn’t see anything that was horribly hard to translate like kerb (curb), just re/er changed around and a few extra u’s. 
If you’re looking for a short fun story with hot sex and hot guys, this may very well be the book for you.  The ending has an interesting twist that I wasn’t looking for which makes me wonder how things are going for Marco! Perhaps we’ll find out in a later book.

Book Blurb for Stealing the Bride

Seasonal/ Contemporary/ Ménage à Trois/ MMF
Short Story
Mara is about to marry the wrong man and everyone knows it.

At the eleventh hour, her roommates, Daniel and Jacob, devise a plan to steal the bride and keep her to themselves...forever.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 3.75