Stealing Her Heart

What happens when undercover work gets mixed up with sexual desire and exploration? A really hot story that bad boys can turn good. Vanessa is a cop looking for ways to make a promotion in a good old boys system. Gerard Coven is ex-thief turned business owner. But what a business……a BDSM club. It doesn’t take long before a curious, naïve cop is baring more than she ever has before. Is it that she is doing her undercover work or that she’s exploring her personal preferences? Regardless, it’s hot. The twists are done well and some were unexpected. The romance starts slow but heats up. This book is a bit different than most of Sindra van Yssel’s books but just as well written and it will definitely keep your interest. It is a short story and I truly wish it were a bit longer even though it does leave you with the knowledge that this is not just a one or two-night stand. O have to say that the characters were well written and enjoyable to read about. The BDSM aspect come across with all the rules and safety that most serious writers of the genre include. As Vanessa is a newbie, this also comes across as natural and part of a realistic story. I love Ms. van Yssel’s books and this one is no different. Though it starts a bit slowly, it quickly gets you involved with the mystery of who the thief is and the hotness of the play.

Vanessa has been looking for ways to get promoted for a while so when her boss requests her to go undercover to find evidence against Gerard Coven she agrees not knowing that the club she is to attend is not only exclusive but is a BDSM club. After some very quick lessons, Vanessa arrives at the club as a guest of a Mistress. She catches the attention of the target only to find herself aroused at the play he initiates. It doesn’t take long before Gerard knows something isn’t right. Will he find out she’s there undercover? And, what would that mean?

Book Blurb for Stealing Her Heart

After years of trying to become a police detective, Vanessa gets her chance to work undercover. Posing as Mistress Lizabet’s submissive, Vanessa goes to the Barony, DC’s most exclusive BDSM club, to investigate the handsome Gerard Coven, supposedly reformed jewel thief and club owner. If she can seduce him and crack the case open, it could be her big break. If she falls for a master criminal, it could be her downfall.

The world she discovers at the club calls out to her, awakening her long-suppressed desire for domination. His ropes and his touch are electric, but the foundation of dominance and submission is trust. As much as her heart is attracted to the dangerous man, how can she trust a thief? She has a job to do, and no matter what he does to her, she has to keep her head...or he just might steal her heart.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 4.50