Stay Hungry

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Stay Hungry

The Bounty Hunters, Book #6

Jake King is a bounty hunter in California. He firmly believes in working hard and playing just as hard. He has a string of women to play with and they have no problems calling when they want something. He works for this family's company, KFA with his father and cousin. His brother worked there too until he found true love in Colorado and moved there to be with his woman.

So, when a private investigator from Chicago, James Huxtable, showed up at KFA with an offer of employment which was way outside the boundaries of what the KFA does, he was turned down. It's illegal to bounty hunt in Illinois and the KFA aren't private investigators! But when James shows a picture of his daughter, Angela, Jake recognizes her as the woman from Mexico, the woman who he would have loved to have spent the night with and the woman who had him thrown in jail.

Angela has gone undercover to stop the "game", a game where real people die and sadistic players vie to rule the world. She's closer than anyone has ever gotten and as long as her cover isn't blown, she should be able to stop this major player and maybe the entire "game". She knows she's good with her father as her back-up so when Jake shows up saying that her father has another case taking precedence, she's not at all happy.

Jake has to agree to let Angela call the shots but she's going to learn that her calling the shots doesn't mean that he's going to lay down and let her walk all over him. Things are going to get hot and not just with the investigation. Can Jake and Angela keep their eye on the goal or will their desire for each other side track them?

And the case James is on? Angela's sister has come up missing. James doesn't want Angela to know, he doesn't want her distracted. What neither knows is, her sister may be part of the game!

This is the third book about the KFA bounty hunters. The first two books are Play Dirty and Get Lucky. Play Dirty sets up the "game" while the next two books add layers to that knowledge. While you do not need to read the first two books to thoroughly enjoy this one, some of the finer details may not be as clear. However, there is enough background information given throughout the book that you will be able to understand what is going on.

Jake and Angela met in the first book. This history is mentioned in this book. However, their characters have so much depth and dimension that you don't need to have that extra layer of information to relate to these characters. James is in a new role and is trying to figure out how to play it. Suddenly, he's not in charge and he has protective instincts coming out that he's never had to deal with. All those women who call, he's not even interested. Angela has no desire to have Jake on the case. She's use to working with her father and trusts him. She has no reason to trust Jake and with the sexual tension between them, she's afraid that it will disrupt her case. Can Jake tone down his macho side to take orders? Can Angela keep her cover intact long enough to break this case?

This book isn't just about the romance between Angela and Jake. There is a "game" going on and its players are ruthless. The player that Angela has gotten close to has already killed and he has a drug that makes people zombies. Whatever they are told, they will do, even if it means killing someone. These zombies can't make any decisions for themselves but are their brains still functioning?

As usual there are government agencies on the case! Could there be one undercover? Are they going to get in the way? What will their role be?

There are more twists and turns in this series than you can count. Each book stands alone but builds on the previous ones. Yet, each new book feeling fresh and unique as your try to figure out the "game" and watch a love story unfold.

I enjoyed this book. Ms O'Clare does a great job putting tons of actions and suspense in each of her books. Yet, there is a solid love story going on with interesting characters. Her characters are strong and independent which means when they fall in love, they are going to fall hard. The "game" is international and reflects the world terrorism that is currently going on. The drive to rule the world is an old one but Ms O'Clare adds some modern day inventions.

Let's see, hot sexy man, feisty independent woman, a real bad guy, cloak and dagger suspense...yes, everything is here for an awesome book and Stay Hunger pretty much delivers that. Better yet, there are still a couple of characters that need to find their guy so maybe we'll get to see more of the KFA and/or the Huxtables.

Book Blurb for Stay Hungry

One the best man hunters in the business, Jake King usually chases fugitives on the run. But now he's been hired to protect a beautiful private eye who's flirting with danger. Her name is Angela, and the last thing she wants is hired muscle getting in the way of her investigation. But this time she's so deep undercover, she could use all the muscle she can get her hands on...Jake agrees to play by Angela's rules - and lay low while she gets close to one of the deadliest crime lords to have entered the States. But the closer Angela gets to her target, the closer she feels to Jake. As her boyfriend, he has more than just a professional interest in her body - and he will do anything to keep her safe. But Angela is playing a dangerous game with a criminal mastermind who can make any woman his slave. And she could be the next...

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 4.75