Status Update

Second Chances 3

This third book in Mari Carr’s second chances series is just as good as the first two and is a definite must read. This story shows the complexity of divorce, even when you children are grown and how hard it is to get back to who you are after a long marriage. Though this sounds as if it would be depressing, it’s not. Emotional and a story that will keep you glued to each page, it is. I started it thinking I’d read for about an hour and couldn’t put it down until I was finished. As a parent of grown children and having been married for a long time, I could relate to Laura’s concerns. How do you date after high school? But, the best thing about this story was Bryan. He was more than just a good friend from way back then. He had his own past, issues and life. The development of their relationship was natural and not without problems. I actually felt it, understood it and was hoping for a wonderful ending with everyone happy. That ending wasn’t guaranteed but Ms Carr works magic.

Single, long time married, in a relationship or out, I can’t imagine anyone not being able to relate to this story in some way. And, while you don’t have to read the previous two books to thoroughly and completely enjoy this one, go back and get them because each story is a gem.

Laura decided she deserved to be happy and to do this she divorced her long time husband. Now, on her own and her children grown with lives of their own, she is searching for the Laura she once was and having problems finding her. As her New Year resolution, she decides to start doing things that she missed out on doing because she married so young. On one of her first outings, she bumps into a childhood friend, Bryan. Though they haven’t seen each other since they were 16, they immediately reconnect. Laura doesn’t want a relationship. Bryan wants Laura. Where is this going to go? And, what are their grown children going to do and how are they going to react?

Book Blurb for Status Update

Some things never change. Others never stay the same. Thank God.

Second Chances, Book 3

Laura Sanders thought post-divorce life would be simple. What a rude awakening to realize that after too many years as a wife and mother, she’s stuck in a rut so deep she’s forgotten how to have fun.

Determined that this year will be different, she sets a New Year’s goal to rediscover the woman she used to be—the one who loved to dance, to laugh, to kiss.

When Bryan Sinclair spots his best friend from high school in the Blue Moon bar, he wonders how the hell he failed to notice her beauty and vitality all those years ago. Laura’s confession that she plans to experience lost opportunities tempts him into joining her on the journey.

Together they make up for lost time, in and out of the bedroom. But there’s one area in which Laura has no plans to change the status quo—her heart. And Bryan has his work cut out convincing her to take another chance. On him. On forever.

Warning: This story contains sex at Rocky Horror, sex at a Jimmy Buffett concert, sex on the stairs, sex on the dining-room table, sex on the dance floor, and even sex in a bed.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 5.00