Start Your Engines

A Merry Kinkmas Story

Apple McGee can’t wait for the annual car show. She’s taken a week off work so she can leisurely work her way around the car and come back for more. No one seems to understand her desire for these cars and how the turn her on. And yes, Apple can have an organism just dreaming about some of the long, sleek sports cars. It’s finally the big day and Apple has packed a bag, just in case she can’t face the drive back to her place.

Erik Santana noticed this sexy woman who just was drawn to cars the past two car shows. He couldn’t do anything then as he was married but this year he’s divorced. His wife just couldn’t understand his obsession with cars. This year though, he’s praying that the woman shows up and he’s hoping to make more than her acquaintance.

When Apple is invited for coffee, she wonders if she should. She remembers this guy’s car he had in the show last year and is drawn to him. Erik is working his hardest to seduce this wonderful woman. For her, his car may be the key to her heart.

I was a little leery about this quickie but had to take a chance because I love this author’s writing. I should have known better. While I know absolutely nothing about cars, I didn’t need to. And while I don’t find cars, sporty or not, sexy, I was able to understand Apple and Erik’s attraction to each other and the cars. This story was much more than a kink about cars.

The characters of Apple and Erik are outstanding. Each is trying to hide their fetish, being turned on by cars. Their daydreams though were erotic and fun. They both feel as if no one understands their love of cars and are thrilled to find each other. Each mentions their families, their jobs and their lives outside of the car show and their attraction to each other. They recognize that they need to know more than their favorite car from each other if they are going to actually have a relationship.

The sex scenes were awesome. They are graphic and leave little to the imagination but they are also so hot that you might want to sit by an open window. Yes, most revolve around a car but Apple and Erik also learn that they can have fun other places too. I never knew cars could be such a turn on.

This is a quickie and it’s a great one. Some how Ms Campbell was able to cram a lot of good stuff into very few pages. She’s starts off with a quick start, moves into a steady hum and finishes with a flourish. Along the way, there are few bumps but lots of play. I can’t recommend this short kinky quickie enough.

Book Blurb for Start Your Engines


Apple McGee has impatiently waited all year for the December auto show. She isn’t just an admirer. Jungle-cat-sleek sports cars are her fetish.

Erik Santana has been waiting as well. His wife finally divorced him over his “unnatural obsession” with cars, allowing him the freedom to pursue the woman he’d fantasized about for years.

Apple remembers noticing Erik and his powerful muscle car before but this year, instead of showing off his prized possession, his attention is focused on seducing her. When he introduces her to his private collection of vehicles, her arousal is uncontrollable. What they do in, on and around those super-hot rides fulfills every sexual fantasy Erik and Apple ever had.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 5.00