Star of Christmas

Star works a window in Amsterdam's red light district. She enjoys her work and she's good at it. She has a lot of regular customers. One of them is Rick, a bouncer at a nearby sex theater.

Rick has come to Star, not to exactly hire her for the hour he's paid for but to ask her to work a slightly different type of job. Chloe, a star performer at the Triple X, has broken her hip and will not be able to perform at the big Christmas Eve show. Rick knows that Star would a great replacement, if she would agree.

Star agrees to talk to Tommy, the owner/manager of Triple X. The idea excites Star but she's not going to let someone she doesn't trust and doesn't know play with electrodes on her. She's ready to walk when Tommy suggests that Rick join Star for the performance. If he agrees, it could be electrifying. If he doesn't, Star is walking.

This is the second story in Ms Rylon's series starring Star. I actually read the third story first and thoroughly enjoyed both of them though I'm sure reading these stories in order would make much more sense.

This is a quickie story, according to my kindle, 50 pages. Though short, it really tempts you and gets you involved with the characters quickly. There's a lot of story in those few pages!

The characters of Star and Rick are well done. Their feelings and desire come across the page without problem. Rick's protective nature is shows through his actions. Star allows her emotions to seep out and her flirtaous nature comes to the forefront.

This story is in the red light district which is a great place for it to be. The sex is graphic and voyeuristic. Nothing is left to the imagination as each detail is described to titillate and stimulate.

I was wondering about this Kink Christmas show that was mentioned in the third book. It looks like that was one spectacular show. The sparks must have been flying. The thought put into it was outstanding.

I'm liking Star, a lot. She's feisty and flirty. Basically, what you see with her is what you get.

If you have about an hour and want a really good quick story, don't go any further than this quick read. It's fun, fast and fantastic.

Book Blurb for Star of Christmas

Star has seen it all as a sex worker in Amsterdam. She harnesses her intense sexuality to bring her clients satisfaction—or whatever else they desire. When one of her favorites, Rick, makes an unusual proposition, she accepts the rare opportunity.

She finds herself onstage, the lead in a naughty Christmas pageant, indulging in electrophilia where anyone can witness her client-turned-costar give her a present she’ll never forget. The sparks between them grow into something more, forcing them to decide if they’re strong enough to seek more than simple pleasure together.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 5.00