Spells & Stitches

A Knitting Mystery

The town of Sugar Maple, Vermont is a bit different than most towns in Vermont. Most of the town residents are some type of magical being, except the sheriff, Luke. All will stay well within the town as long as his significant (because she won't marry him), Chloe Hobbs is in town and well.

The Hobbs family holds the power to keep Sugar Maple going and undetected. Without their magic, the town and its inhabitants will not enjoy the life they do now.

Chloe is pregnant with her one and only child. Hobbs women only have one child and that child is always a girl. Luke and her are looking forward to her arrival except that Luke hasn't told his very large interfering family.

Once Luke's family finds out, they are ready to head to Sugar Maple! This would not be a good idea as they have no idea that there are creatures like Brownies and witches. As Luke and Chloe deal with them, Chloe goes into labor and has Laria in the truck on the way back from a meal with the family.

Though born healthy, Laria soon becomes sick. Chloe has no choice but to take her to a human hospital hoping that Laria doesn't start doing magic. And, it's not like Chloe's magic is that under control. Her raging hormones have her magic either totally gone or going wild.

To top it all off, a villain that Chloe thought they had gotten rid of makes an appearance threatening not only Chloe but Laria and the entire town of Sugar Maple! Can everyone stay safe?

I probably didn't describe this book nearly as well as I should. It's quirky and funny and has action and so much more. It's also part of a series of books. Even though you would miss a lot of back story by starting with this book, the humor and storyline will keep your interest. However, you will also want to get the previous books so you will get the entire story!

The characters are charming, charmed and just terrific. Chloe runs a knitting shop, full of yarns and women. Even though she's a witch and most of the town is different, Chloe's store is well known throughout New England and she has many out of towners visiting. Her customers are warm, well meaning people who can't wait for her baby's arrival. Luke knows he's the only non-magical person who lives in town. It makes it hard to be the law when everyone can take you down. Still, he likes the town and his job. Staying with the couple is a troll. Trolls can change their looks and this one prefers Betty White. She's also grumpy and controlling. Luke doesn't trust her and wants her gone.

Luke's family is close knit and nosey. They plan on coming after the baby is born. They want to know why they aren't married. They have more questions than any one couple should have to answer. But they are lovable and you can't fault their good intentions.

I really enjoyed this story. It had twists and turns I didn't expect. It had humor in every chapter. It was just plain entertaining. I loved the characters, the town and everything. I hated for this story to end.

This isn't exactly a typical romance novel though there is romance in it. The main couple is already a committed couple when the book starts and that commitment never waivers. Their love comes across with every page. Definitely has a lot of paranormal elements as most of town is not human. Personally, I would just call this book plain old fun.

So, if you need a pick up my spirits type of story, pick this book up. It's quirky funny and a really good tale.

Book Blurb for Spells & Stitches

In the latest novel from the USA Today bestselling author, raising a baby is hard, but raising one with magical powers is even harder...

Sugar Maple, Vermont, knitting store owner Chloe Hobbs couldn't be happier about her pregnancy. But with the arrival of the town's newest resident, things are about to get a lot more magical.

Baby Laria is six pounds, eleven ounces of perfect, and Chloe and Luke are over the moon. But when they learn that Laria takes after her mom in the sorcery department, it becomes clear that their baby might have more power than even a pro like Chloe can handle...

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.75