Sound of Fear

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Sound of Fear

Echo Falls

When I see the name Marta Perry I immediately think Amish romance. Boy, was I fooled. While set among the Amish this romantic suspense story is about to “English” people. And, to be honest, it started out more of a mystery than suspense though the who done it turned into a keep me alive really well and very smoothly. The characters are awesome and very well written. Trey is everything you could want in a leading man. Amanda has a lot of facets and not all of them loveable. Still her character is such that you care about her. Many of the secondary characters are Amish and their lifestyle and morals become major parts of this story. I started this story and could not put it down. The ending what not what I expected but it was an excellent twist. This story is an outstanding book for Amish romance readers and suspense readers alike. On a side note, elements within this story remind me of a story I read long ago about two waitresses and a baby. It would have been Amanda’s very early life if these stories are connected. But, as I said, just a side note and this is not to distract anyone from this awesome story.

When Amanda’s mother is suddenly killed Amanda’s world is shaken up. But, when it is discovered that she never had a child, Amanda’s entire foundation of who she is was shattered. Not only that but the way her mother wrote her will may leave it open for her mother’s brother to take everything. Amanda has to locate her adoption paperwork. When she finds a clue on the back of one of her mother’s paintings, Amanda is off to Echo Falls. Hopefully she will be able to locate the information that she needs quickly. Amanda soon learns that this isn’t going to be as easy as she thought and the secrets she’s uncovering could be deadly.

Book Blurb for Sound of Fear

In the sweet subtle wind of a Pennsylvania Dutch town, a lost woman and a man of duty will risk their lives to uncover her true identity 

The foundation of Amanda Curtis's very existence cracks the moment she discovers the woman she thought was her mother has never given birth. Where she belongs is a question she can't put to rest. But when the clues lead her to a charming yet chilling small town, the threat against her begins to unfold. 

Trey Addison is a fixture in Echo Falls. The town and the people are his to protect. He was born to take his place in the family legal firm, but now that a stranger desperate to unlock her past is depending on him, he's forced to make an impossible choice. If Trey doesn't protect Amanda, she'll walk straight into a deadly trap. If he helps her expose the secrets that haunt her, the truth could shatter them both.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 4.50