Sorority Row

Turnskin University Book 2

This book may stand alone but it is so much better if you have read the previous book concerning this threesome. It is set just after some very interesting games but some of the issues that were a problem at the games are still a problem. Hence, why reading the previous book would be a good idea though not necessary. Anyway, this story is an interesting paranormal with unique ideas and twists. I’d say this is a YA though the ménage is a bit above that… my opinion. Still this story is set in a college with a bunch of college students who are finding their mates, figuring out what they are going to do after school and breaking away from their parents. So, kind of a YA+. Regardless, I love this story (and series). The characters are fun. They are well thought out and interesting. There is nothing cardboard cutout about them. And, while some of the problems may be normal, the solutions aren’t always within the box. These outside the box solutions add so much interest to the entire story. The mix of characters include family and friends, paranormal and human. There is a touch of magic that adds just the right touch. This is the perfect story of anyone who loves a light hearted romance.

The games may be over but Bell still doesn’t have enough pledges for her house. If she doesn’t get them, and fast, they will have to close down. To top it off, she’s now gotten a notice from the city that if major repairs aren’t completed the house will be condemned. They don’t have the money for that! Plus, what is Bell going to do with the two men that seem to be her mates? She’s not ready for this.

Book Blurb for Sorority Row

The Greek Shifter Games have come to a close, and Bell must focus on gaining enough pledges to keep her house. Sigma Epsilon Xi doesn’t have tons of money. Nor do they have tons of sisters. They need ten pledges in thirty days or they’ll lose their ramshackle house. Add to it, their house is on the verge of being condemned. And, as if her life isn’t hard enough already, she has two dominant males hot on her tail—Christoph and Jackson.

Things take a turn for the worst, when she has to make a good impression for Christoph’s parents. She has to deal with the questions from her father and her uncles, as well. At every turn, however, one situation or another arises, threatening the progress she’s making.

Christoph and Jackson don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things, but mating Bell—claiming her for their own—drives their every action. But both men have secrets. Can they put their differences aside and team up to be who she needs?

With the help of 555-ROAR, can these mates find their way, or will the stresses of Greek life, keep them apart?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 4.50