Something New

Book 2 in the Wedding Belles series.

Scott McCoy definitely noticed his younger brother’s future mother-in-law the first time he saw her. She didn’t fit any motherly picture he ever envisioned but she sure fit his view of a lover. Raine Fontunato was toned, long legged and intelligent. What more could a man want?

Raine is 11 years older than Scott and she knows she shouldn’t be attracted to such a younger man. She has plans to head to Italy to find herself some sexy Italian man and to have fun, just as soon as her daughter’s wedding is over. Tomorrow is the big day and Raine’s tickets are bought.

Scott knows that tonight is the night he will gather his nerve and ask Raine to join him in his room. Will he get shot down before they have a chance to explore what may be? Raine’s tempted by Scott but does she dare to take the chance? They will be seeing each other for years to come with her daughter marrying his brother.

This quick, short story is filled with emotion and passion. Only 50 pages but lots of story comes across keeping it interesting and gives it some depth.

The characters, Raine and Scott, are not only the primary characters but they’re thoughts, actions and desires fill most of those pages. Through these things, they become more than just a younger man and an older woman. They become people with real dreams and personalities. There are some secondary characters but except for Raine’s daughter, they do not contribute much to the story.

This story is part of a series that is based around Raine’s daughter’s wedding. I’m assuming that the first book was her story. This story is set at the wedding venue, a hotel, the night prior to the wedding. By the finish of this story, it’s the morning of the wedding. Because the story is so short, I’m thinking that you could probably read the first book, the second book and perhaps future books to get the full timeline of this wedding. However, you don’t have to read the first book to thoroughly enjoy the second book.

Raine and Scottt have a lot of sexual attraction. When they explore it, expect some hot, graphic sex. Nothing is held back as Scott tries to convince Raine that she doesn’t need to go to Italy to have her fantasies played out and those fantasies don’t have to end.

I liked this fun glimpse into a side of a wedding that I’ve never seen before. Raine may be a mom but she’s still all woman. Scott may be younger but he knows what he wants. Reading how these two wonderful characters figure out how much they are willing to explore may ignite more than they expect.

Now, I wonder who’s dreams come true further along in this wedding because love or lust is definitely in the air!

Book Blurb for Something New

Raine Fortunato tells herself the mother of the bride shouldn’t drool over the younger, hunky best man. Buff, blond vagabond Scott McCoy shouldn’t be the something new she yearns for. Right?

But Scott sees his opportunity. Enticing slinky, sexy Raine to get wet and wild with him needs to happen. ASAP. The night before the wedding. When he offers her the key to his room and she risks unlocking her craziest fantasies, she discovers earth-shattering climaxes and soul-searing intimacy.

Time now for Raine to decide if something new can be something more. 

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.75