Something Blue

Book 4 in the Wedding Belles series.

Clay Holbrook just spent the night with his ex, Zoe and her groom, Brad. While their sex was fantastic, Clay knows that it was the last time that Brad was sharing Zoe. There love is such that they only need and want each other. One day Clay hopes to find that type of love but right now he feels that he’s seen as a good time guy and nothing else. He’s the something blue at Zoe and Brad’s wedding.

The problem is, he’s not the only one that is blue at this wedding. Bridesmaid, Kristen Jayne is right there with him. She having a crappy week or month or something. She’s been downsized at work and so currently is looking for a job. Her boyfriend has dumped her for someone else, her roommate which leaves her without boyfriend or place to live. She’s currently camping out at her parents while she figures out what she’s going to do next.

Clay has a very good idea of what he’s like Kristen to be doing next and it doesn’t have to do with work! He’s a little taken back when he learns that Zoe has shared with Kristen their love life. Still, he feels something that he definitely wants to explore. With Clay living in Seattle and Kristen in Austin, it’s just for the wedding……or is it?

This is the fourth book in the series Wedding Belles. It does not have to be read after the previous books. It’s a complete story by itself. The series revolves around Zoe and Brad’s wedding but each story is separate and unique.

The characters are believable. Each has a past, a present and a future. There is more going on in their lives than a wedding and a friendship. They have issues and problems. Each searches for solutions as they explore their desires.

The sex is hot and graphic. Take that as a warning or as an incentive to read this erotic romance. Clay’s never had any complaints and after reading about his time with Kristen you can understand why.

I’m really enjoying these quick short stories that revolve around Zoe and Brad’s wedding. I haven’t read them all but the ones I have are interesting and fun. Though not very long the pack a big punch and deliver what many longer books don’t, an emotional connection with the characters and an interest in them as people. Brad and Kristen’s story continues this tradition and has you hoping that they figure something out so that they can have it all, not just a night or two.

This would be a fantastic night time story or even a lazy afternoon one. Actually, it would be fantastic any time! Love is definitely in the air and I’m wondering who else at this wedding is going to find it!

Book Blurb for Something Blue

Clay Holbrook was still recovering from his wedding-eve threesome with the bride and groom, depressed that he might never find the happiness Zoe and Brad had. But when bridesmaid Kristen Jayne sidles up to him at the bar, every hormone in his body screams to get her naked as fast as he can.

During the long hours of the night they indulge in an endless, hot, erotic adventure, each using the wild monkey sex to cloak their inner sadness. But with daylight comes reality. Can they take what they’ve found past the rumpled bed sheets and into a life together? 

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.75