Someone Will Be with You Shortly

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Someone Will Be with You Shortly

Notes from a Perfectly Imperfect Life

I picked up "someone will be with you shortly, notes from a perfectly imperfect life" by Lisa Kogan having no idea what to expect. She's a columnist for "O" magazine but as I've never read it, I'd never heard of her. Opening this book only gave me a page of review blurbs and a table of contents that covered two pages!

I admit, I read review blurbs and these were right on the money. One compared Ms. Kogan to Erma Bombeck, one of my favorite humorists. That person was right on target. I never could put Ms. Bombeck's books down and laughed from start to finish and once I started Ms. Kogan's book, I found myself doing the same thing.

That two page table of contents is a list of some very funny short commentaries on Ms. Kogan's life, loves and family. She takes on everything from being single in her 40s to having a child to her long distance relationship to social problems to buying clothes. Boy, she takes on just about everything and does it in such a way as to keep your interest, get you thinking and yet find a touch of humor.

Though most of the book has New York City as their setting, you don't have to know the city or even live in a city to get her points. As I look out my window at work and see horse and buggies traveling down the road in the Plain community where my office is located, I can't think of any place further from the busy streets of the city with sky scrappers and traffic. Still, I found myself identifying with many of the columns.

I have to highly recommend this wonderful humorous book. It's the perfect book to relax with and rejuvenate with. I can't wait to see if Ms. Kogan comes out with another book because she sure has a fan in me!

Book Blurb for Someone Will Be with You Shortly

Lisa Kogan is a forty-nine-year-old single mother who maintains that every human being deserves a great mattress, a comfortable pair of shoes, and a very smart shrink, and that no one has grown a decent tomato since 1963. She used to think the world wasn't all that complicated, but along came AIDS and crystal meth and the tankini, and she had to think again. Still, she's nostalgic for that time when you were forced to walk all the way across the room to change channels and there was no such thing as a spy satellite capable of spotting the precancerous mole on her left thigh.

Filled with self-deprecating humor and a deep appreciation for what really matters, Someone Will Be with You Shortly is a book for anyone who has ever been unnerved by pleather pants, lunch meat, or ambivalent men (not necessarily in that order), and believes that life is a fragile bit of luck in a world based on chance.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 5.00