Sixth Day of the Moon

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Sixth Day of the Moon

Moira is looking for artifacts in Ireland when she discovers a small moon shaped piece made of gold. While she is examining it, a storm comes up and she is struck by lightening. When she next is aware she is several centuries in the past. There she is found by a group of men lead by Prince Padrick. They are fleeing from another group and are trying to get to their fortified town. Along the way Moira and Padrick find that they are attracted to each other. Padrick’s brother, who is also in this group of men, wants Moira for his own. 
Back in this time, Moira’s body is in a hospital. She is being treated by a former boyfriend who finds he still has feelings for her. He sits are her bedside reading Irish poetry from a book Moira had given him years before.
With Moira living two places at the same time, one has to let go. Which one will it be and will it be Moira’s decision or will she have unwanted help?
The storyline for this book sounds extremely interesting. I love time travel novels and this one sounded as if it would make a great story. Unfortunately, this book did not fulfill the promise it had. Instead, this story seemed as if I was telling you what the book was going to be about, instead of you feeling as if you were part of the story or observing it. It was more of the author telling you this is happening now and now this is happening.
The characters were not well defined. I never got a real feel for any of the characters or their motives yet as a reader I was suppose to believe that Padrick would walk away from his holdings for a woman he had just meet and who would bring him nothing. The most defined character was the doctor back in Ireland! The rest of the characters seems like cardboard pieces that were moved from place to place.
Events happened with no rhyme or reason. It was as if the author thought an event sounded interesting and threw it into the story with nothing to support it. Making love on horseback sounds interesting, so the characters do it just because they can. Things don’t seem to connect.
The dialog between characters seems okay but there is so little of it that it would really be hard to say. For the most part, the author just tells you what is going one and while the characters interact with each other, they don’t say much.
This book felt like an uncompleted work or a work in progress. 

Book Blurb for Sixth Day of the Moon

Trial by fire is not just an expression for Moira Delaney. Struck by lightning while on an archeological dig, Moira is transported thirteen hundred years into Ireland's past. Forced to seek the protection of a young warrior prince from the violent impulses of his brother, she discovers the price of guardianship is a night of pleasure, while the outcome of treachery is a soul destined to search for another through time.

Rating: Spicy/Carnal. Sexual scene on horseback and other adult situations. This is a reissue, previously only available in print form in Relic.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 2.00