Sex, Wolves and Rock 'n Roll

1Night Stand

Delicious rockers who happen to be werewolves. Can it get any better than this? Oh yeah, it can when you add some seriously twisted problems. First, Sav is gay and discovers his mate is K, a bandmate who is straight. Another problem is K can’t smell the normal scents most werewolves can. Between the two issues, these men have more problems than even the normal rocker! While this is a 1 Night Stand book, I’ll be honest and forgot because this story reads so perfectly that Madame Eve and her magic only become a small, though important, piece of the story. Instead, the emotions and well developed characters take control and put you in their grip. And, while this is part of a series, you don’t have to read the first two stories to absolutely love this one. (I haven’t but based on this story, I’m going looking for the first two!)

Sav has known K is his mate for years but he won’t act on it. K acts as if he doesn’t know and has a different woman every night. Sav doesn’t know why K won’t recognize their mate bond and watching him with others is killing him. Finally, Sav knows he has to let go but letting go means leaving not only the man he loves but the band they both play in. Can he find happiness without K? Sav turns to Madame Eve and her 1 Night Stand dating service her help.

Book Blurb for Sex, Wolves and Rock 'n Roll

Karlan Rixx is the epitome of the playboy rocker. Sexy and gorgeous, with the feral edge of a werewolf. And Trent Savage has been in love with him for years. The trouble is, K has a new woman in his bed every night, so he’s straight as they come. Unable to bear it anymore, Sav makes plans to leave the band, even though it will break his heart in the process. But anything's better than seeing the man he loves—his mate—and not being able to touch. Ever.

K loves being a Lyric Hound. The only time he truly feels alive is on stage, a guitar in his hand and the beat of Sav's drums flowing through his veins. He may be a womanizer, but it's the other wolf who makes his heart pound and his body ache. But before K can admit his feelings, Sav leaves the band, ripping his world apart.

Enter Madame Eve. Can she find K's lost mate?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 5.00