Served Cold

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Served Cold

Best Revenge, Book 1

"Served Cold" is the first book of a trilogy involving two groups of friends. The women have been friends since elementary school. Upon learning Jack Bloom and the Black cousins have returned to town, they make a pact to get back at these men for things that happened in high school. Ann has a secret that only her girlfriends know. It concerns Jack, kind of. Jack has always loved Ann and doesn’t know why she cheated on him. Can Ann stay firm and not cave into the attraction she feels for Jack? There are plenty of ups and downs along with friendly interference. "Served Cold" gives you places where you laugh and others where you cry. The chemistry between the characters is there but you may find that the chemistry will bring you into the story too. I felt as though I knew these people and was part of what was happening. Once finishing "Served Cold", I could wait to see what was going to come next. Whereas Ann is sweet, Maya isn’t. So, you know her story is going to be explosive. But, first read Ann’s story as it is awesome.

Ann loved Jack and couldn’t believe it when he broke up with her in front of the whole high school. Of course, that was years ago and she moved past that, or has she. Ann is a teacher and loves her life even if she doesn’t really date. She has good friends. What more could she want? When Jack returns to town, Ann thinks she wants revenge on him. But, Ann is really nice and her friends are sure she can’t do it. Can she? The attraction between Ann and Jack is still there.

Book Blurb for Served Cold

A little white lie has the power to bring a reformed bad boy to his knees.

Back in high school, Ann Weaver told herself getting ditched by Jack Bloom was for the best. At twenty-nine, she's way over him. He was her first, but definitely not her last. On weekly wine night with her friends, the talk turns to regrets-and Ann finds herself pledging to fix her past, starting with confronting those who treated her like dirt. Her first target: Jack, who's recently moved back to town to stay.

But something's different. He's funny, kind, and amazing in bed. He acts like he really likes her, might even love her. Soon Ann is having a hard time remembering she's only in it for revenge. Especially when she learns the real reason he dumped her.

Jack is older, wiser, and has a hell of a lot of experience behind him. For a chance at a future with this grown-up, gorgeous Ann, he's ready to do whatever it takes. Until her true motive for rekindling their romance comes to light, and Jack must decide if forgiveness is enough to let love push through the lie.

Warning: A woman who's out for revenge and encouraging friends rooting her on. May include sex in the outdoors, fun with salad, kissing in class, and a school teacher swearing like a sailor-not necessarily in that order.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2017 4.50