See You in My Dreams

Speed, Book 1

A dream meeting that is just magical……..with this book that statement can be taken a couple of different ways and still make perfect sense. Regardless of how to take it though, this story is hot, awesome and fantastic. Yeah, I liked it, a lot. Even without the hint of fantasy, this book is great. With it, it takes on even a more complex feeling. But, I fell in love with the characters from just about page 1 and didn’t want to see them go on the last page. Their story was well thought out and worked beautifully. I can’t think of a single thing that I would change or didn’t like. Let’s see; hot, sexy guy, check; interesting girl, check; hot, stimulating sex scenes, check; tension and desire for more, also a check……yup, it’s the whole package with nothing missing. I absolutely loved this story and because it’s an older one, the next story is already out. I can’t wait to read about Nathan’s brother!

Sophie cleans high end rooms knowing that she is not to be seen by the occupants so she is shocked to open a door to find a naked, sexy man standing in the bedroom. She’s sure she’s lost her job and for some reason she’s can’t seem to get herself out of the room or the apology out of her mouth. Nathan never expected to find a woman in his room after he got out of his shower. At first, he thought it was a rabid fan who got in but eventually he realizes that it’s the woman to clean the unit and that she has the eyes of the mystery woman he’s been dreaming about for 10 years! He needs to get to know her but Sophie gets away. Later, Nathan finds her at a café and joins her. Nathan looks familiar to Sophie, and not just his eyes which she’s seen for years in her dreams. Can reality match the dreams they both have had? They are willing to find out but they sure aren’t going to mention those dreams!

Book Blurb for See You in My Dreams

Every girl’s fantasy…one woman’s dream

Speed, Book 1

Sophie Butler is sure she’s about to lose her much-needed cleaning job. She’s not only walked in on a guest—a violation of her employer’s cardinal rule—but she can’t seem to tear her gaze away from his gorgeous, naked-as-the-day-he-was-born body.

If all that isn’t bad enough, her usually sensible judgment and behavior are clouded by a nagging sense of familiarity. She knows the man from somewhere, she just can’t quite place him.

Nathan Pace is certain he’s just lost his jealously guarded anonymity. But hold on…if she’s just another fan looking for a piece of his alter ego, rock star Jamie Speed, why is she blushing six shades of scarlet? And why is he instantly aroused? When he catches a glimpse of her eyes, he knows. She’s the woman who for ten years has haunted his dreams.

The attraction that flares between them is undeniable—and unstoppable. But getting close means risking Nathan’s secret identity. Just this once, he’d like a woman to fall for the real man, not the press’s version of a celebrity superstar.

Warning: This may be an erotic contemporary romance, but it does contain a hint of fantasy. And when that fantasy involves erotic dreams about a gorgeous rock star, you know you’re gonna want the fantasy to become reality…

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 5.00