Seducing Helena

Calendar Men – Mr. March

This short story isn’t at all what I expected but it ended up being so much more. Unique problems are explored like how does a hot model know that the man who wants her attention wants her, not just her body and interracial relationships where some family members don’t like them. However, this story is not preachy but fun, sexy and extremely interesting. A lot of action is put into this story making it feel much longer and left me wanting more. Much of the story is related through letters (emails) which give insight into each of the main characters that might not have been given if written more conventionally. Each of these calendar men are awesome in their own right and this series will have you counting the days until the next month comes out. Each story is as unique as the author who wrote it and is in no way connected to any of the other stories so you don’t really have to read it month to month but you’re going to want to read each month!

Helena Flores seeing a picture of a hot, sexy Marine and just has to get to know him. Getting his email from her friend was the easy part. Now, how to get this man’s interest without him knowing that she’s a supermodel. Seth is pleased to receive an email from a nice woman from New York City. As their emails continue, he finds himself falling in love with her. But, how is he going to react when he discovers that Helena wasn’t exactly truthful?

Book Blurb for Seducing Helena

Calendar Men - Mr. March

Supermodel Helena Flores didn’t plan to fall in love with her Marine pen pal, but he’s funny, kind, and so hot she can’t resist. Determined to see if Seth will like her for the woman she is on the inside, she pretends her job in the fashion industry is behind the camera rather than in front of it.

Seth Morgan fell in love with Helena’s words and mind. When he finds out she’s a girl who can have any man she wants, he wonders what she could possibly see in him. But this Marine is determined and plans to seduce her so thoroughly, until all she can see is him and their picture-perfect love.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.50