Seduced by the Laird

Conquered Brides Series, #2

Head back to old Scotland in the time of Wallace’s death and Robert the Bruce coming to lead the Scots. This book will have you involved with the violence, betrayals and lives of those living in those times. Okay, so this book is fiction but it’s terrific and really did get me involved with the times and troubles. It was interesting to read about the power of the church and the roles that people lived. If you were connected to the church, you were off limits and everyone instantly believed you. That can set up betrayal! Anyway, Kirstin has a past that she wants to keep in the past. Gregor has never forgotten Kay. The shock when they come together is striking. The sparks between them unite. Dang, but I couldn’t put this book down. And, when does the next come out. There has to be another one! This is a sequel to a previous book which is also awesome. However, you can thoroughly enjoy this story without having read the previous one. However, by reading the previous one, you will get a bit more history than with this one. Both books are must read stories for any romance reader who loves Scottish stories.

Lady Kirstin hasn’t left the abbey in years and really doesn’t want to leave now. However, when the abbess tells her that she must travel to Melrose in her place, Kirsten has no choice. Surely she won’t meet anyone who would remember her as Kay. Laird Gregor is on his way to Melrose to meet with Robert the Bruce. When his group runs into nuns guarded by knights of the church, they travel together. Laird Gregor is shocked to learn the Kay he’s loved and missed for years is a nun named Lady Kirstin. Now what? Can he get Kirstin to leave the church?

Book Blurb for Seduced by the Laird


She vowed never to love again...

Lady Kirstin MacNeacaill is determined to lead a life of piety in hopes of erasing a past filled with pain and transgressions. She takes vows at the abbey on the Isle of Skye that has sheltered her since she was a girl. But when Scotland erupts in turmoil, and she is sent as an envoy to Melrose, she runs straight into one of her past transgressions. Old feelings arise, never truly forgotten. Forced to face her past, she must choose between penance, and allowing herself to fall passionately in love all over again.

He's determined to change her mind...

Laird Gregor Buchanan receives devastating news for Scotland and must travel to Melrose where Robert the Bruce is laying low. With his country divided between those who are for Scottish Independence and those who have sided with the English, he must ferret out those who threaten their very freedom. On his way to meet his future king, Gregor intercepts a small party, coming face to face with the woman he’s always loved and never forgotten. For the past ten years he’d searched for her, never coming close. Gregor does not want to let her go this time—and he’s praying she’ll give him a second chance.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 5.00