Secret Sacrifices

Book Two in the Douglas Family Series

Investigator and locator of things that people want found, Quint Douglas is in rural MN to attend his cousin’s wedding to a costume designer. He’s being harassed by what he wants to be his ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately, she doesn’t want to be his ex. An early morning phone call from her doesn’t put him in a great mood as he leaves the motel room he’s sharing with his cousin, the bride groom’s brother, and sees a curvy blonde attempting to change a tire. After making a smart comment, he’s leans back to watch the show.
Jamie has had it with men who think they know everything. She works with men in a field were there are few women. Jamie is a NASCAR driver and she’s good. A few weeks prior, she was involved in an accident on the track. It wasn’t her fault but to hear the men tell it she lost control of her car. She’d like to get a copy of a tape that she knows will show what really happened but that’s in her ex-boyfriend’s house! Jaime’s in MN to sing at her former college roommates wedding and then it’s back to get ready to race. Too bad that guy in the next room is such a jerk. In other circumstances, she wouldn’t mind getting to know him a little better. 
When his cousin, Virgil, comes out and helps change Jamie’s tire, he finds stickers to Pink Mink, a company known for it’s sleaze. Then, he remembers where he’s seen Jamie, as Pink Mink’s centerfold about a year prior. He doesn’t remember her being posed nude and there was something about a race car but with that information, Quint and Virgil are fairly sure Jamie is a high class hooker.
Though Quint starts out a bit rocky with Jamie, he makes a point of getting to know her at the wedding and reception. Meeting Jamie at the door of her motel room, he makes a proposition for one night of no strings sex which surprisingly she accepts. To make sure Jamie doesn’t cause any problems, similar to the girl friend he’s trying to get rid of, with his good-bye note he attaches $100 thinking that should be a big enough insult for her never to contact him. Within days, he regrets his actions and wondering how to apologize but when he finds out that instead of being a hooker, Jaime is a race car driver, he starts figuring out how much groveling he’s going to have to do, if she will even see him.
After a few bumps, Quint is forgiven and is on the case to find the tape Jaime needs. What they find is her ex-boyfriend’s house broken into, a dead body and more questions than answers. As they try to figure out what is going on, things from Jamie’s past become important clues to her future. More dead bodies appear against the backdrop of Nascar and secrets that have been closely guarded become known. What it all comes down to is who can you trust because if you pick the wrong person, you’re liable to become dead.
This is an extremely well researched book. The descriptions of the Nascar circuit seem authentic and real. The play by play of each race gives the reader a taste of the thrills and boredom. Each track is built differently and has its own quirks. Ms Hoffman was able to no only tell you what the track looked like but how it’s raced and why. For someone with no knowledge of Nascar, similar to Quint, this book gave me enough details so I could enjoy Jaime’s world but not so many that I would be caught up in the details and not the story.
Every time I thought I knew what would be happening next, a new twist or turn was thrown in so I had no idea what was going to happen next. That’s not to say the story was hard to follow. In fact, the opposite is true. All the twists and turns kept the story moving a good pace and kept me wanting to know what next. 
The characters were lively and fun. Quint’s not recognizing Jamie as a famous race car driver and later having to grovel made for very interesting reading. Even more fun was Quint dealing with the fast speeds Jamie is use to when he can’t stand to go fast due to a car crash as a child. Quint’s large loud family interacted with them throughout the book giving us a look into the love and laughter Quint grew up with verses the race tracks Jamie knows so well.
This is part of a series of books about the Douglas family. It doesn’t have to be read as part of the series as the story stands alone very nicely. Characters for other books make appearances and you get a bit up dated on what they are doing but they don’t take over any of this book. Because it is a series, I look forward to watching this intriguing family and the women they fall in love with.

Book Blurb for Secret Sacrifices

Book Two in the Douglas Family Series

Driver Jamie LeCorre, competing in the male dominated Stock Car Racing field, needs a tape that will exonerate her from a deadly crash. Weary of dealing with domineering, chauvinistic males, she is suddenly attracted to just such a man. A man who can get her tape.

Quint Douglas has sworn off high profile, overly intelligent women. He discovers the blond bimbo of his dreams trying to change a flat on a pink BMW. Offering help, he uses a bit too much attitude and is shot down. Yet, Quint still tries to win her over in spite of his deep-seated fear of speed.

Together they enter the tight knit Stock Car Racing world to investigate an old murder, a new body, and a highway collision-all tied together with too many suspects. Quint tries to keep Jamie from being the next victim even as she races around the track at 180 miles an hour, pursued by those who would like to see her eliminated, in more ways than one


Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 5.00