Scorin' on the Fourth of July

A Red Hot and BOOM! story

Never have a fallen in love with a character as fast as I fell for Mikael. He’s everything you could possibly want…….sweet, well mannered, great athlete and supportive. I absolutely loved his sensitivity. Okay, back to the book. This is a short story that is part of two series; Red Hot and Boom which is a collection of short stories by many authors that stand alone and are not connected and Buffalo Storm series which is Ms. Carr’s hockey series. This story had my interest from the very beginning. The characters are strong with well-developed personalities. The situations and developments feel real and possible. Strong women athletes are reshaping the world of sports. The passion and attraction between Mikael and Terri leaps across the page. The only thing I would have wanted different would be a longer story. I really wanted to know where Terri ends up and how they deal with their relationship. So, I hope to hear more about this unique and awesome couple in future Buffalo Storm books. While this story is set over the 4th of July holiday and would make a fantastic summer read, it is really an anytime book. Pick it up and become as enchanted as I did.

Mikael is signing a contract to start playing hockey for the Buffalo Storm when he’s asked to participate in a charity tournament. Knowing that it will go a long way to fitting in with his new team plus he likes kids, Mikael after talking to his agent agrees. While the teams are made up of mostly recreational players, his team has the US women’s gold medal winning hockey team’s goalie. Mikael is immediately attracted to Terri but doesn’t want to scare her off. Plus, he’s a really nice guy. Terri is doing some career moves of her own. She’s not sure where she’ll end up but she’s put out feelers to several options. Will they decide it’s worth exploring the attraction between them or will they let it pass until they know where their careers are taking them?

Book Blurb for Scorin' on the Fourth of July

After Mikael signs a free agent contract with the Buffalo Storm professional hockey team, he finds himself agreeing to a part of a charity hockey tournament taking place over the Fourth of July weekend. While there, he meets Terri, the goaltender who recently backstopped the US women’s hockey team to a gold medal. He’s instantly enamored, both by her skill and her beauty, and sets out to learn more about her.

While Mikael has a brand-new life in Buffalo, Terri fears that to be able to continue playing her beloved hockey she’ll have to leave the area, possibly going far away if that’s what it takes to find a professional team willing to take a chance on a female goaltender. She likes Mikael, but fears becoming involved and then having to leave him.

Both Mikael and Terri are facing turning points in their career and must decide if love is worth it or if they’ll leave their passion on the ice.

Break out the fireworks and get ready to kick off your summer with this HOT new collection of stories. Scorin' on the Fourth of July is part of the Red Hot and BOOM multi-author series (each story stands alone for reading enjoyment).

NOTE: This story is also part of the Buffalo Storm series.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 5.00